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CLASSICS the Small Luxury


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bridal、ブライダル、結婚、結婚式、挙式、ウェディング、wedding、ギフト、花嫁ハンカチ、サムシングブルー、something Blue

A special piece for a special occasion

BRIDAL Handkerchief Collection

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108 Color handkerchief diagnosis What kind of color is that person?

The color variation of the "SIC color" handkerchief is 108 colors. The meaning of color is divided into nine themes for each 12 colors. Why don't you choose a special color from the many colors to match the type of the other person? We will diagnose the opponent's type to five types and propose recommended colors from 108 colors.

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Race handkerchief

In the past, it was very expensive and valuable. The craftsmen spent a huge amount of time in hand for the upper class people, but now they are mechanized so that they can be mass -produced, and everyone enjoys fashion and household goods. It is now incorporated.
There are many delicate and elegant handkerchiefs with various kinds of races in Classics the Small Luxury. I will introduce it with the type of race.

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What is Sea Island Cotton?

Kaishima Cotton, which is used for Classics the Small Luxury handkerchiefs, is a super -long cotton growing in a limited area of ​​the West Indian Islands.
Kaijima Cotton has a lot of oil contained in the material itself, so even after repeated washing, it can maintain its texture.
As a favorite handkerchief, it has sufficient durability that can be used repeatedly, so you can use it for a long time.

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Classic the Small Luxury is a brand specializing in a handkerchief created by blooming Nishi -Nishi, founded in 1879, and wanting to deliver "secret luxury" after many years of manufacturing.

As a high -end handkerchief that can be embroidered, which is perfect for gifts, you can meet "important one for yourself" and "one you want to give to loved ones".