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Sea Island Cotton

The texture is like cashmere, and the luster is like silk. Its greatest feature is its overwhelmingly long and fine fibers. The longer and finer the fiber, the more supple and strong the texture.
Sea Island cotton also has the most natural twists of any cotton, giving it a fluffier and softer taste than any other cotton and outstanding moisture absorbency. The silky luster of Sea Island cotton is due to its 50% higher light reflectance than other cottons. The luster, which is hard to believe that it is cotton, creates an elegant look.
Classics the Small Luxury offers many handkerchiefs made of Sea Island cotton. Please experience the finest cotton.

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Country of origin
Country of origin
2024/February released 1P box handkerchief2024/February released 1P box handkerchief
New Hankerchief FlowerNew Hankerchief Flower
New Hankerchief Flower Sale price₱1,400.00
SIC 108 Colors Salad colorsSIC 108 Colors Salad colors
SIC 108 Colors FruitsSIC 108 Colors Fruits
SIC 108 Colors Fruits Sale price₱800.00
SIC 108 Colors Ore colorSIC 108 Colors Ore color
SIC 108 Colors Ore color Sale price₱800.00
SIC 108 Colors of the 12 MonthsSIC 108 Colors of the 12 Months
SIC 108 Colors of the skySIC 108 Colors of the sky
SIC 108 Color Sweet colorSIC 108 Color Sweet color
SIC 108 Color Hana no IroSIC 108 Color Hana no Iro
SIC 108 Color of swoonSIC 108 Color of swoon
SIC 108 Color of swoon Sale price₱800.00
SIC 108 Color Floating Float ColorSIC 108 Color Floating Float Color
paisley Sale price₱2,000.00
antique chintzantique chintz
antique chintz Sale price₱2,000.00
GASHOEN -Kusaki Sale price₱1,200.00
Kawashoen -KoiKawashoen -Koi
Kawashoen -Koi Sale price₱1,200.00
mico Type Cmico Type C
mico Type C Sale price₱600.00
SIC Simple Series Type CSIC Simple Series Type C
SIC Simple Series Type C Sale price₱1,000.00
mico Type Bmico Type B
mico Type B Sale price₱600.00
mico Type Amico Type A
mico Type A Sale price₱600.00
SIC Towel Gran HeartSIC Towel Gran Heart
SIC Towel Gran Heart Sale price₱700.00
SIC Towel KIKASIC KIKA(ホワイト) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
SIC Towel KIKA Sale price₱700.00
SIC Colored TowelSIC Colored Towel
SIC Colored Towel Sale price₱600.00
ivy stripeアイビーストライプ(ライトブルー) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
ivy stripe Sale price₱800.00
SIC Simple Series Type B (white)SIC Simple Series Type B (white)
SIC Simple Series Type ASIC Simple Series Type A
SIC Simple Series Type A Sale price₱1,000.00
SIC- crest-SIC-紋- - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
SIC- crest- Sale price₱1,000.00
Yoshida140 Type CYoshida140 Type C(ライトブルー) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
Yoshida140 Type C Sale price₱2,000.00
Yoshida140 Type AYoshida140 Type A
Yoshida140 Type A Sale price₱2,000.00