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white handkerchief

Speaking of the handkerchief, isn't it a pure white one? White is a must-have. Whether it is for formal occasions or for everyday use, white makes you look taller.

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Country of origin
Country of origin
Angel Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefAngel Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
Round River Lace Bridal HandkerchiefRound River Lace Bridal Handkerchief
Petit clover [Bridal handkerchiefPetit clover [Bridal handkerchief
Rose River Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefRose River Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
Bridal bouquet [Bridal handkerchiefBridal bouquet [Bridal handkerchief
Eyelet Flower [Bridal HandkerchiefEyelet Flower [Bridal Handkerchief
White linen 148/148 count [Bridal handkerchiefWhite linen 148/148 count [Bridal handkerchief
Vietnamese hand embroidery many hearts [Bridal handkerchief].Vietnamese hand embroidery many hearts [Bridal handkerchief].
Flower Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefFlower Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
Jewel Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefJewel Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
Lao Embroidery [Bridal HandkerchiefLao Embroidery [Bridal Handkerchief
dobby checkdobby check
dobby check Sale price₱2,000.00
White linen 108/148 count [Bridal handkerchiefWhite linen 108/148 count [Bridal handkerchief
Yoshida140 Type A [Bridal handkerchiefYoshida140 Type A [Bridal handkerchief
Jewelry Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefJewelry Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
Riches [Bridal handkerchiefRiches [Bridal handkerchief
Riches [Bridal handkerchief Sale price₱1,500.00
Memoire [Bridal handkerchiefMemoire [Bridal handkerchief
Small Bird Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefSmall Bird Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
Heart Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefHeart Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
Cross Lace [Bridal Handkerchief].Cross Lace [Bridal Handkerchief].
Flower Scallop [Bridal HandkerchiefFlower Scallop [Bridal Handkerchief
Pearl Pearl [Bridal HandkerchiefPearl Pearl [Bridal Handkerchief
Bridal Tulle RoseBridal Tulle Rose
Bridal Tulle Rose Sale price₱1,200.00
Vietnamese hand embroidery twinkleVietnamese hand embroidery twinkle
Edge Stitching [Bridal HandkerchiefEdge Stitching [Bridal Handkerchief
White linen 96/96 count [Bridal handkerchiefWhite linen 96/96 count [Bridal handkerchief
Check Stitching [Bridal Handkerchief].Check Stitching [Bridal Handkerchief].
Yoshida100 Type B [Bridal handkerchiefYoshida100 Type B [Bridal handkerchief
Ichifuji Nitaka San'nasu Handkerchief [Japanese PatternIchifuji Nitaka San'nasu Handkerchief [Japanese Pattern
SIC Simple Series Type B (White) [Bridal handkerchiefSIC Simple Series Type B (White) [Bridal handkerchief
SIC Simple Series Type A [Bridal handkerchiefSIC Simple Series Type A [Bridal handkerchief
Modern [Bridal handkerchiefModern [Bridal handkerchief
Modern [Bridal handkerchief Sale price₱1,000.00
Sold outSIC Simple Series Type C [Bridal handkerchiefSIC Simple Series Type C [Bridal handkerchief
bowler rosebowler rose
bowler rose Sale price₱1,000.00
Rain Lily [Bridal Handkerchief].Rain Lily [Bridal Handkerchief].
SIC-print [Bridal handkerchiefSIC-print [Bridal handkerchief
Gentle Square [Bridal handkerchiefGentle Square [Bridal handkerchief
Karen [Bridal handkerchief].Karen [Bridal handkerchief].