A handkerchief is far more than just a beautiful piece of fabric. It's a gift to commemorate a milestone, a small souvenir from an unforgettable trip, a symbol of love and commitment, buying a handkerchief is an action deeply embedded in human experience. Classics the Small Luxury is a company built around the key purpose of helping people commemorate events and express their emotions in the physical realm. As part of our parent company Blooming Nakanishi, we've been in the business of matching customers with the fabric products of their needs since 1879. We source the finest threads from around the globe and utilize the nation's finest craftspeople's skills and experiences to weave together something more than just a daily item, a small, but not insignificant everyday luxury.

'Classics' stands for exceptional, first-class, and is synonymous with the idea of timelessness. A 'Small Luxury' is a little piece of elegance you can always have on hand.
Like Japan's four distinct seasons, our releases are unique, and they transform with the passing months. Our method is guided by the concept of embracing high-quality material to create beautiful designs. We carefully craft every single handkerchief to embody the ideology that while a handkerchief may be small, it can still be exceptional. 
'First-class,' 'exemplary,' and 'caring' are the three terms we proudly use to describe our handkerchiefs, and our physical stores follow this mantra. Our Roppongi store won the Good Design Award for Communication Design. Each of our outlets is designed to best showcase our work and to guide you through your decision to embrace a life of intimate daily luxury.

Carefully selected high quality materials

Our love of fabric is at the heart of everything we do. Each and every fiber communicates a unique visual and sensory experience, whether it's the strength and character of linen or the delicate elegance of touch of high-quality cotton. As handkerchief and accessory connoisseurs, we know that there's no 'one size fits all approach' to selecting the ideal handkerchief. All the fabrics we work with have been tried and tested over generations to ensure that our pieces are made only of the very best.

The threads we use to produce our linen are incredibly thin (up to 150-count), making the fabric equal parts delicate to the touch and robust in strength and durability, with a natural crispness and excellent water absorbency. Weaving such fine linen yarn isn't an easy process. But its quality and texture are unparalleled in the linen world. Like a good piece of leather, it gets better, softer, and showcases more character with age.
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Sea Island Cotton
Sea island cotton is only produced in limited areas of the Caribbean, making it the most exclusive fabric with which we work. With the feel of cashmere and the lustre of silk, it's a material that embodies luxury. Elegant to the touch, high absorption, and excellent durability, it's known colloquially as the 'jewel of fibers.'
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Master Seed Cotton
Grown in the fertile land that stretches from New Mexico to Texas, master seed cotton is a hybrid type of cotton that sits somewhere between sea island and pima cotton. Thanks in large part to its extra-long fibers, it's elegant and soft to the touch, and changes over time.

Indian Hand Spun Cotton
A masterpiece of craftsmanship passed down from the ancient time of the Maharaja, Indian hand-spun cotton is carefully hand twisted by master weavers. Once woven, the fabric radiates a sense of soft, airy warmth and elegance.

First Class Craftsmanship

As part of the Blooming Nakanishi family, we've been developing and perfecting our craft since 1879. Not matter how high quality our material is, we know that to bring our products to life, we need to enlist the help of the nation's best craftspeople. By exploring, handpicking, and reinterpreting the best techniques from across the globe, we've developed a process of handkerchief production that can only be described as 'first class.'

Shantou embroidery
Shantou embroidery is a piece of artisan history, born from the Chinese port city of Shantou. The artform fully came into its own in the 18th century, when Christian missionaries introduced makers to European lace and embroidery techniques, fusing the East and the West's creative cultures.
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Vietnamese Hand Embroidery
Vietnam has long embraced an embroidery history influenced by French culture and styles. The form's most trestured feature is its uniqueness. The embroidered motifs feature slight differences with each hand stitch, meaning no piece is exactly the same. Machines can not artifically replicate the touch and beauty of the human hand. 
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A piece of original design, the lace handkerchief features motifs that bring good luck and embrace tulle's vibrant textures. Artisans sew the lace and fabric with meticulous work to craft a handkerchief that balances delicate beauty with strength.
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Everyone's reason for buying a CSL product is different, unique, and always entwined with a sense of emotion. Often, our products are the physical embodiment of emotion. A handkerchief is a symbol of something grand, which is why we believe it's key that we ensure each of our pieces is as unique as each of our customers.
Let your true self shine through. Personal orders allow customers to craft a piece of themselves and bring it into the world. A handkerchief is more than an object, it's a vessel of emotion and a physical connection.

Personal Order System
With customized initials, messages, lucky motifs, yarn, and shades of almost every colors on the spectrum, the opportunity for personalization is endless. We can create a one-of-a-kind handkerchief based on your inspiration.
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Initials & Message
Our library boasts hundreds of European typefaces, and we are constantly adding new options. You can choose from a wide range of collections, including fonts that embody elegance, and stylish typefaces that showcase emotions, intelligence and personality.

Lucky Motifs
We have collected and reconstructed hundreds of motifs sourced from around the world. Our stock boasts 101 original designs, from iconic good luck charms, to lesser-known designs. All of our creations have been designed to empower their owners with an appreciation of the incredible power of small things.

Personal Setup

We can also help customers with gifts for events, parties, and seasonal greetings.

For a variety of lifestyles and scenes
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are always on hand to help you with your requests, so together, we can create orders to suit all experiences and needs.