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Article: Welcome Board - A memorable piece of your happy day

ウェルカムボード ー幸せな一日に、記念に残る一枚をー

Welcome Board - A memorable piece of your happy day

A "welcome board" is displayed at the entrance or reception table where guests first arrive at the wedding venue. It is also an item that expresses the feeling of welcome to your important guests.This time, we have decided to release a special welcome board that only a handkerchief specialty store can make possible.

While handkerchiefs are a necessity in everyday life, they are also an item that can be used as a welcome to your guests.It is also a "gift" that conveys one's feelings to loved ones.At weddings, handkerchiefs are indispensable items that accompany special occasions, such as wiping tears of joy or holding a bouquet.

The process of creating a welcome board filled with care and thought

At Classics the Small Luxury, in addition to bridal handkerchiefs, we have also made welcome boards in our stores based on customer requests, combining handkerchiefs with initials and more than 100 different motif embroideries.

For example, a couple who loves wine made a welcome board with a grape motif and their initials embroidered on it.

We have also had many customers say, "I would like to make a welcome board, but I am not sure how to go about it.

It is a bit difficult to make a handkerchief, a blank canvas, from scratch while thinking of various combinations.

Therefore, we have created the brand's first welcome board design, emphasizing "gorgeous design," "fun in choosing," and above all, "being able to imagine what the finished product will look like.

To celebrate the happy day, we have prepared two unprecedentedly bold and gorgeous embroidery designs of "bouquet" and "cake".The soft and light texture of the handkerchiefs is combined with theYou can choose from five customization options to create a unique and special piece of art. We invite you to create your own unique and special piece of artwork.

Two types of welcome boards that will add color to your reception area.

Two types of welcome boards are available: a soft "bouquet" of colorful flowers bound together with ribbons, and a simple one-color "cake" with sparkling fireworks as an accent.


Like accessories and veils, wedding bouquets are designed to highlight the bride.Wishing the couple happiness, roses, gerberas, lily of the valley, and other flowers with the language of good fortune are used in the bouquet with brightly colored embroidery threads. Roses have the language of love, lily of the valley has the language of luck, and gerbera has the language of hope, making this bouquet filled with many important words for a wedding.


The design is in a rough hand-drawn style, creating a unique impression of cuteness. The image of a bird lightly soaring in the sky with good luck on its wings is meant to convey the meaning of 'good luck coming'.

The above items are priced at 14,300 yen each (tax included).Sold at the online store
Click here for product details

For in-store orders, the cost of the handkerchief you choose plus the cost of embroidery is ¥11,000 (tax included).
Please allow approximately 20 days for this product to be finished.

Choose from 5 customization options to create the one and only welcome board in the world.


1.Select the type of handkerchief
2.Select the main design "Bouquet" or "Cake
3.Select the title "Welcome" or "Wedding" at the top
4.2Select the names, date, and position of embroidery.
5.Select the thread color for the title, names, date and main design "Cake" from more than 18 colors.
The embroidery thread color for the cake and the title will be the same color. You cannot choose the thread color of the bouquet embroidery.

Click here for welcome board details>

A wedding is a special day spent with your loved ones.At Handkerchief Concierge, we want you to enjoy the wedding day, as well as the preparation period, while thinking about all the different things that will happen during the wedding ceremony. We would be happy if you could experience making a welcome board at Classics the Small Luxury store.

Together with time, as an interior decoration after the wedding.

A welcome board filled with precious memories of the day. How about using it as an interior decoration for your entrance or room, marking a new moment in time and sharing it with others?

Bridal handkerchiefs that make you feel like you are the two of you

We can embroider initials or motifs on a handkerchief of your choice.We can create a special piece by combining your favorite handkerchief with an initial or motif embroidery design.You can make a special piece by combining your favorite handkerchief with an initial or motif embroidery design.

A special piece for a special day Bridal handkerchiefs are available here >.



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