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Article: Introduction of the unique handkerchief HIKKOMI series

ユニークハンカチーフ HIKKOMIシリーズのご紹介

Introduction of the unique handkerchief HIKKOMI series

A cat hanging on a handkerchief. Don't pull the edge. Panda clinging. Alpaca hides in the fringe grass.

Instead of drawing a pattern on a square fabric, the unique playful "handkerchief" is a unique "playful".HIKKOMI(Hikikomi) Series "will be introduced.




Are they likely to fall, are trying to climb up, or hang around? A design that floats various stories in the imagination of the viewer.

HIKKOMIClick here for the cat series>

Unique handkerchif "HIKKOMIIntroduction of "cat">




Are you playing with the tail? Express the dog that holds a handkerchief and pulls it with embroidery.

 HIKKOMIClick here for the Inuna series>



HIKKOMIlazy person

It seems to be asleep at last. Expressing the nicks hanging on a handkerchief with embroidery.

 HIKKOMIClick here for the name




Tenagazal hanging on the edge of a handkerchief.A lovely figure will heal you.You can use it regardless of gender.

HIKKOMIClick here for Tenagazal>




A cute chameleon that pulls the edge of a handkerchief.Did you find a treat and stretch your tongue?

HIKKOMIClick here for chameleon>




A cute panda that pulls the edge of a handkerchief.It was designed with the image of a panda clinging to the feet of the favorite keeper.

HIKKOMIClick here for the panda>




Daiouika, Mendako, Aum Guy, Fusen Woo.A sea area deeper than 200 meters depthExpress the creatures that live in with embroidery.

Click here for the deep sea series>



20th commemorative HIKKOMIKancha Neko

A cat with a "can" of the fish gives a "shire" and conveys the feeling of "thank you". Thanks for "Kang" and "Shah".
* Set product:KN100(39 embroidery is available only in actual stores)

20th commemorative HIKKOMIClick here for Kancha Neko>



Kusamura series

An animal embroidery is hidden in the fringe that looks like a grass.
It is also recommended to use it as a pocket chief.


Kusamura Alpaca


Kusamura ostrich


Grass rabbit

Grass sheep

Click here for the Kusamura series>



story series

Rapunzel, Snow White, Northern Wind and Sun, Red Riding Hood, Mermaid Princess, Bremen Music Corps. The story that everyone knows has become a handkerchief. It is also recommended for gifts for children.



The appearance of looking at the outside world by hanging long hair from the window of the tower is expressed unique to embroidery.


snow white

The edge of the handkerchief looks like a curtain and gently expresses the state of a witch that passes the poisonous apple to the snow princess from the back side with embroidery.


The North Wind and The Sun

The scenes where the north wind is blowing is expressed by flipping the handkerchief, and the smile of the sun and the expression blowing the north wind are expressed in detail in embroidery.


Red reddesting

In the fringe that expresses the grass, the wolf pulls the skirt of the red defljectory is unique to embroidery.


The Little Mermaid

The place where the edge of the handkerchief is retracted is the mermaid princess jumping in. The picot lace on the edge represents the bubbles and splashes of the sea.


Bremen music squad

A thief who is surprised at the shadows of the animals overlaps the walls over the wall and escapes at a glance.

Click here for the story series>



HIKKOMIBirth of the series

"Isn't it necessary to be a square?"

「HIKKOMI(Hikomi) Series isI was born from such a sudden word from a designer.

Many of the handkerchiefs we use are square. Do you know the origin of the handkerchief form that has become a square?

The history of a handkerchief is old, and that hemp handkerchiefs were used in Egypt in BC. In the Middle Ages, it is useful as a "symbol of beauty" and has been collected. Various shapes were also born. SuchQueen of Louis XVI, King of France,Marie Antoinette suggested that all domestic handkerchiefs should be square. Handkerchiefs are still a square that Louis XVI, Louis XVI, has declined laws and regulations as "the size of the handkerchief is equal to the same vertical and horizontal."

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​"retracting the edge of the handkerchief with embroidery".

It doesn't change the shape, but for us who have decided that handkerchief = square, how to change the handkerchief itself.Break down moderately.
Until the idea was realized, we repeated various trial and error, including sewing and embroidery. ""HIKKOMI(Hikomi) SeriesSewing technology is a special method that can only be done because it is a handkerchief specialty store.

Hand -rolled sewing
It is called hand -rolled sewing to sew the edge of the handkerchief while involving one by one by hand. The handkerchief of hand -rolled sewing is soft and plump.

* The edge of the grass series (alpaca, ostrich, rabbit, sheep) is fringed and is not hand -rolled sewing.

The fabric uses 50 % cotton and 50 % hemp cotton linen fabric. It is a handkerchief -only fabric developed to create a moderate cavity on the fabric to make it light and fluffy. Because it is a thin fabric, it is also characterized by being folded even if it is folded.

* The fabric of the grass series (alpaca, ostrich, rabbit, sheep) is 100 % cotton.



Various ways to use

Wrap objects, wrap around your neck, use as hair accessories and pocket chiefs.The shape of the handkerchief is characteristicHIKKOMIIn the series, you can enjoy not only wiping your hands and sweat, but also various uses.


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