Bridal Handkerchief-Special One on Special day-

In CLASSICS the Small Luxury, We have a variety of lineup for the bride and groom handkerchief, a piece of gift for the guests and we also have welcome board.

This column is all about bridal handkerchief for two people who are about to get married.

The bride is recommended for the race and embroidery handkerchiefs, and the grooms recommended for the groom, and we will introduce the handkerchief of the strained weapons design, and the popular embroidery service as a special one.

-6 Perfect Handkerchiefs for beautiful bride

A wealth of bride-like bridal handkeries are available. From the one has a selection of handkerchiefs that you will be glad to select a handkerchief with a wide coordination such as a wedding dress, Tiara and veil, which will be served on the day, choose a race handkerchief with a volume that will become glamorous. Various to those. We introduce six recommended handker ties.

01. Little bird race¥3,300

Handkerchief of a lace designed by "small birds" that is also a symbol of happiness. A cotton fabric with a hemp called "fluctuation" and the color of Ivory, finished into a handkerchief with a gentle atmosphere. Since its launch, it is a popular race handker chiller who chooses many brides.

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02. Jewelry race¥3,300

Handkerchief with a modest and elegant impression jewelry lace. Teardrop-type races, a typical form of jewelry, is a design that is likely to be full of joy.

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 03CSLLace 5,500

I had a luxury and elegant race on a small handkerchief. A race with a volume is a gorgeous director. The brand name "CSL" lace handkerchief is a special one for the Hanka Chief Concherge.

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04. Jewel race¥5,500

Make jewelry motifs and be carefully created for handkerchiefs to the details. Sewing was sewed with special techniques where the seam was not inconspicuous. White cotton warp and thin hemp are used for weft, and a good shari is a handker chill with attractive sharp feeling.

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05. Angel lace¥11,000

I had a typical Angel as a motif of blessing and love. It is delicate and luxurious handker chills with the outline race depicting the curve called scallop.

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06. Celebration crane¥11,000

A crane that is said to be a bird that symbolizes longevity than ancient times. A symbol of couple is said to be a symbol of couple's interests because of a fixed partner and a lifetime, and the Handkerchief of "Celebration Tsuru" is expressed by two cranes with embroidery. History is made by 1st needle hand embroidery with Vietnamese old city "fue". The elegant and brilliant Hanka chills that feel the warmth of the makers are a piece of recommended for the sum.

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-Hankchiefs recommended for groomChoice-

How is the simple groom's handkerchief, however, choose with weapons and materials? Even with the handker chills based on the same white, the design varies depending on the weapons. From what you can use as a pocket chief, you can use a wide variety of business scenes.

01. Modern ¥ 2,750

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02. Gentle Square ¥ 2,750

03. SiC Simple Series Type B (White) ¥ 2,750

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04. SiC-Crest- ¥ 2,750

05. SiC Simple Series Type A ¥ 2,750

06. SiC Simple Series Type C ¥ 2,750

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-Sonjust to fulfill1On the sheet-

In Classix The Small Lu Guixi, you can make a special piece, and you can make a special piece of more than 100 embroidery designs such as initials and motifs.

If you are a bit of a little bit worthy, you should also make sure that you make a match between initials and embroidery for this opportunity.

01. Initial embroidery

The most popular initial embroidery in the bridal handker tough embroidery order. Something blue thread color embroidered and to a special bridal specification handker cheet.

02. Date embroidery

Blessed a new outgoing of a buddy, such as the registration date and the wedding day.

03.Motif embroidery double ring

Add the "double ring" embroidered with the motif of the ring to the left hand.

As a special time in preparation for marriage, I am glad if you choose the handkerchief and embroidery design. Please feel free to contact us in the Hanka Chief Consier.

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