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Article: November 1st is Dog Day


November 1st is Dog Day

November 1st is dog day. It is a day that is comparable to Wan Wan Wan.
I'm always near and I'm fine. An important family that heals your heart.Many people say, "I can't imagine a life without a dog."

This year, a handkerchief that depicts the appeal of the dog from various perspectives appears on the dog day. In addition, a campaign will be held to present a handkerchief designed for the original embroidery from a photo of your dog.
Always nearby.A special collection to give to you who like dogs.

Don't pull

Bestsellers in our shopHIKKOMI"series.The appearance of the dog pulling the edge of the handkerchief is really cute. This season has a soft color.

For charming pocket chiefs

On the chest of the jacket, as a mischievous pocket chief.In the business scene, you can talk with your partner.

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As an item in the room

I drew a variety of dogs that give me a colorful life.Take a break near the fountain in the park, wait for a traffic light, and on the sofa. I drew such a figure in a circle -shaped pattern in a pop. It is a piece that makes you smile naturally just by looking at it.

It is also fresh to use it as a blindfold when a dog goods are put together.The color that makes you happy will show your room bright and neat as an interior.

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Which child is the child?

A handkerchief that draws about 40 kinds of dogs from the front and arranged regularly.It is a gentle touch that is carefully drawn with a watercolor brush with affection.

Please look at it. Everyone has a very rich expression and looks like a human. It looks like someone ...

It is also recommended that you put a motif embroidery near your child and finish it into a special one. If you give a present to that person of Inuko, you will surely be pleased.

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Official to commemorate the dog day on November 1st Follow and comment on Instagram! Held a present campaign.

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