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Article: For cat lovers.


For cat lovers.

February22 is Cat Day.

Speaking of the appeal of cats, their free-spirited, self-paced nature and the richness of their facial expressions, gestures, and poses are probably the most important.

We have prepared a variety of cat handkerchiefs that cat lovers can't help but pick up.

We have prepared a variety of cat handkerchiefs that cat lovers will not be able to resist. Keep it in your bag or pocket for a piece that will make you feel a little bit better or soothe your heart.

Jet black with sparkling new jewelry

The new "Cat Day" collection features a black cat drawn with sparkling jewelry.

The quiet figure is mysterious and lovely, and the ruby red eyes glittering in the darkness are cute.

The satin fabric, made of 80-thread count yarn, is shiny and smooth to the touch. It is a material that goes well with the motif of jewelry.

The fish, one of my favorite foods, is also expressed with jewels. The cuteness of the pocket-sized version is another point of concern.

Cats, cats, cats...!

We have designed a variety of expressions and gestures of our beloved cats. The designer's own love for cats overflows in the expression of the handkerchief.

(From left) Fashionable Cat, Watercolor Cat, Polka Dot Cat

Polka Dot Cat" has four cat-related sayings on it that cat lovers will surely relate to.
Look out for the cat who loves to dress up! The "Fashionable Cat," with only one cat wearing sunglasses and an independent spirit.

Watercolor Cat" depicts 18 cats in a variety of poses.

You can choose from six colors.

Customize your own piece!

Bodyguard embroidery is a collection of amulet motifs that exist all over the world. You can embroider it on your favorite handkerchief and use it as a special talisman.

The black cat is said to bring good luck and wealth, and the cat itself is said to bring a happy marriage if it sneezes on the morning of the wedding.

The cat itself is said to bring about a happy marriage if it sneezes on the morning of the wedding. Both of these motifs can be carried as lucky charms for cat lovers. A card conveying the meaning of the embroidery can be included, making it a great gift idea. Why not combine it with initial embroidery of your name to customize it into an original piece?

February 22, Cat Day. I hope you will find your favorite cat handkerchief.

Click here for a list of cat motif products.

Column "Thoughts behind the design - "Cat" series created by a designer who lives with cats -"

Please click here to see the thoughts that went into the product planning.


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