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Welcome Board

On a happy day, a commemorative piece.

CLASSICS the Small Luxury offers a welcome board embroidery service on the handkerchief.

There are 2 types of motifs.We have prepared < Welcome > and < Wedding > characters respectively.The delicate embroidery design is finished that you can feel the three-dimensional feeling and warmth unique to embroidery.The name of the bride and groom and the embroidery of the anniversary will also be put.

■ Cake(Wedding/Welcome)
Simple in one color, it is the design of the cake motif that sparkle of fireworks has become an accent.


■ Bouquet(Wedding/Welcome)
It is a bouquet motif design of a soft atmosphere that bundles colorful flowers with ribbons.

The welcome board of the handkerchief is a sense of size that is easy to decorate in the room, so it will remind you of happy moments as an interior filled with memories even after the ceremony.In addition, on the item called handkerchief, it is also attractive that it is convenient for storage and carrying.How about making a welcome board with a handkerchief to convey the feeling of welcome to an important guest?

At the store, it starts with the Handka Chief Choose, and the embroidery thread can choose your name, date and the date, and a semi-order that allows you to choose your favorite color.You can make a personal welcome board more likely.

-Customized contents-
□ Handkerchief
□ Embroidery position (name, date)
□ Embroidery thread (Wedding / Welcome, cake, name, date)
※ You can not choose the color of the bouquet.
※ The color of the cake and the title (Wedding / Welcome) is the same color.

· Price / Embroidery ¥ 11,000 (tax included) + Separate Handkerchief
· Days / about 20 days

You can choose the color of your name / date embroidery thread at the online shop.

-Customized contents-
□ Embroidery thread (name / date) ※ The color of the name and date is the same.

· Price / ¥ 14,300 (tax included) (embroidery + handkerchief fee)
· Days / about 20 days

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Column Welcome Board-A Happy Day, Remember Memorial-
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