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Article: THANKS MOM Anytime

母の日 ギフト


May 8th of Mother's Day. Once a year, the day to convey gratitude.

Handkerchief snug and gets it by the person who hasInRemember the other person. It is such an item. A gift that tells usual thanks for your daily gratitude.

While imagining your mother's taste and lifestyle, how about choosing it?

CASE1 Flower Flower Mother

Changeable Mother's Day

The red carnation flower language is "love to mother". A delicate expression of the Botanical design and the configuration arranged in graphics are attractive. It looks like a bouquet that creates a bouquet from now on.To my mom who loves flowers. It is a piece that keeps blooming beautifully even if the mother's day is past.


Case2 to mother who likes art

A unique piece that represents Sankyu as "39".flowerExpressed numbers with a race pattern ofThe fun of the fashionable fun is also recommended for those who say that they say "Thank you". Handkerchief like a message card is put in the forehead and decorating it in the room.

39 (Sankyu)>

CASE3 to Natural-oriented mom

Handkerchief of Organic Cotton, wants to recommend to a natural family. Even if you hold it in your hand, it's easy to touch your face, and if you have it, you will be able to taste your relaxation feeling. Black border and embroidery are also handled with chic and elegance.

Organic Carse Fleur (Black)>

 CASE4 Always I am indebtedTo the mother-in-law

Handka chills with a single needle carefully carried flower embroidered Handka fee will always be a mother-in-law that will be concerned about something. One extravagant one is an elegant or elegant, and it seems to be aware of it when you go out. If you put an initial embroidery of the name, you will add a special sense.

Vietnam Hand Embroidery Rose Waltz>

CASE5 dad and her daughter from Mom

I wanted to use it for her mom and chose a moist soft skin towel handkerchief.Gauze and towel fabric is a very thin water absorbency, and it seems to be a big success in the coming season that washes and sweats many times a day.Why don't you give me the feelings of "Mom, always thank you"?

SiC Gauze W Face>


Case6 to your favorite mother

The large format shawl as a soft and humorous is active and go to a mother who is active. Because it is thin and light, it is convenient for carrying around and for cooling measures. 100% cotton woven with handkerchief looms can be used comfortably. Since the fabric is double and the ring, it is recommended as a snood.

Edit_orit (stall)>

Here is a list of recommended products for Mother's Day Gift>



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