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We believe that a handkerchief is a mysterious piece of cloth that can be filled with feelings. A piece of cloth that can wipe sweat, wipe tears, or just make you feel at ease when you have it in your pocket. It is a piece of cloth that you can convey your love, small or big, to that special someone.
At Classics the Small Luxury, we offer a wide range of products, including1000Classics the Small Luxury offers a variety of handkerchiefs.

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Country of origin
Country of origin
SIC Color Towel Handkerchief [Sea Island CottonSIC Color Towel Handkerchief [Sea Island Cotton
SIC Simple Series Type A [Bridal handkerchiefSIC Simple Series Type A [Bridal handkerchief
mico Type Bmico Type B
mico Type B Sale price¥1,650
mico Type Amico Type A
mico Type A Sale price¥1,650
Gentle Square [Bridal handkerchiefGentle Square [Bridal handkerchief
Rain Lily [Bridal Handkerchief].Rain Lily [Bridal Handkerchief].
SIC 108 Colors of the skySIC 108 Colors of the sky
Modern [Bridal handkerchiefModern [Bridal handkerchief
Arigatou handkerchief [Thank you seriesArigatou handkerchief [Thank you series
SIC 108 Colors of the 12 MonthsSIC 108 Colors of the 12 Months
SIC 108 Color Hana no IroSIC 108 Color Hana no Iro
SIC 108 Color of swoonSIC 108 Color of swoon
SIC 108 Color Sweet colorSIC 108 Color Sweet color
HIKKOMI Handkerchief, new color [Hiccup Series] (cat)HIKKOMI Handkerchief, new color [Hiccup Series] (cat)
SIC 108 Colors Ore colorSIC 108 Colors Ore color
ゴルフコレクション(ホワイト) - CLASSICS the Small Luxuryゴルフコレクション(ホワイト) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
Golf Collection Sale price¥2,200
Hemp twill bicolorHemp twill bicolor
Hemp twill bicolor Sale price¥1,650
39 Berry Berry Match (Thank you) (Berry Berry Match)39 Berry Berry Match (Thank you) (Berry Berry Match)
Men's Collectionメンズコレクション(ネイビー) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
Men's Collection Sale price¥2,200
SIC Simple Series Type B (White) [Bridal handkerchiefSIC Simple Series Type B (White) [Bridal handkerchief
SIC-print [Bridal handkerchiefSIC-print [Bridal handkerchief
Small Bird Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefSmall Bird Lace [Bridal Handkerchief
HIKKOMI Handkerchief 2024 Chinese Zodiac Signs [Dragon] [Hiccup SeriesHIKKOMI Handkerchief 2024 Chinese Zodiac Signs [Dragon] [Hiccup Series
hemp checkhemp check
hemp check Sale price¥1,650
Party Time Squareパーティータイム·スクエア(ピンク) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
Party Time Square Sale price¥2,200
back pocketバックポケット(ダークワイン) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
back pocket Sale price¥2,200
Origami-Men(ブルー) - CLASSICS the Small LuxuryOrigami-Men(ブルー) - CLASSICS the Small Luxury
Origami-Men Sale price¥2,200
parfait Sale price¥2,200
SIC 108 Color Floating Float ColorSIC 108 Color Floating Float Color
Many DogsMany Dogs
Many Dogs Sale price¥2,200
hemp stripehemp stripe
hemp stripe Sale price¥1,650
bouclé ploverbouclé plover
bouclé plover Sale price¥1,650
SIC Simple Series Type C [Bridal handkerchiefSIC Simple Series Type C [Bridal handkerchief
Hemp gauze linen ruffleHemp gauze linen ruffle
perfume flowerperfume flower
perfume flower Sale price¥2,200
bowler rosebowler rose
bowler rose Sale price¥2,750
HIKKOMI Handkerchief, cat [Hiccup Series].HIKKOMI Handkerchief, cat [Hiccup Series].
mico Type Cmico Type C
mico Type C Sale price¥1,650
HIKKOMI Handkerchief Kancher Cat 20th Anniversary [Hiccup SeriesHIKKOMI Handkerchief Kancher Cat 20th Anniversary [Hiccup Series
The WineThe Wine
The Wine Sale price¥2,200
Fruit HeartFruit Heart
Fruit Heart Sale price¥2,200
colored linencolored linen
colored linen Sale price¥2,750
Piano Sale price¥2,200
carnation bouquetcarnation bouquet
carnation bouquet Sale price¥2,200
HIKKOMI Handkerchief Panda [Hiccup Series].HIKKOMI Handkerchief Panda [Hiccup Series].
Karen [Bridal handkerchief].Karen [Bridal handkerchief].
SIC Towel Handkerchief Grand Heart [Sea Island CottonSIC Towel Handkerchief Grand Heart [Sea Island Cotton
Jewelry Lace [Bridal HandkerchiefJewelry Lace [Bridal Handkerchief