Classics The Small Luxury offers handkerchief embroidery services.Put the embroidery in your favorite position of the handkerchief you have chosen, we will make a special piece.There are 3 types of embroidery.The 1st is"Initials embroidery"to choose the alphabet The 2nd is"motif embroidery"to choose from amulets and bridal motifs from around the world The 3rd is"Signature embroidery" to embroider autographs and illustrations and put them in handkerchiefs Everyday handkerchiefs to use without hesitation, also one piece at a special seat I always want to create something that is unique to me.I want to deliver the heart of hospitality that can not be conveyed only by words, put in embroidery.The original embroidered handkerchief will fulfill your wish.We will deliver one piece only for you in the world.


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Initials embroidery

Motif embroidery Signature embroidery