CLASSICS the Small Luxury offers embroidery services on purchased handkerchiefs.

Put the embroidery in your favorite position of the handkerchief you have chosen, we will make a special piece. There are 3 types of embroidery.

The 1st is "Initials embroidery" to choose the alphabet

The 2nd is "Motif embroidery" where you can choose from amulets and bridal motifs from around the world.

The 3rd is "Signature embroidery" to embroider autographs and illustrations and put them on handkerchiefs.

I always want to create my own style for everyday handkerchiefs that I use without hesitation, or for special seats.
I want to deliver the heart of hospitality that can not be conveyed only by words, put in embroidery. The original embroidered handkerchief will fulfill your wish.

We will deliver one piece only for you in the world.

Procedure of embroidery order

At the store, we will accept orders at the counter seat by 1 customer at the store so that you can spend time that you can satisfy your customers.

The concierge who is familiar with the handkerchief will propose embroidery according to the customer's request.

1.Choosing a handkerchief
You can choose from hundreds of different types at the store.Choosing a handkerchief

2. Choose initials, motifs, signatures, etc.
Font is 33 typeface, bodyguard and other icons choose from more than a hundred kinds
It is also a great place to relax and unwind.Choose a font

3.Choose yarn color
You can choose from 24 colors.(I can not choose the thread color of the body guard)Choose yarn color

4.Determine the embroidery position
You can put it in your favorite position.After the embroidery order is finished

5.After the embroidery order is finished
I have you wait until the finish, and take over at the store.
Or we accept shippingAfter the embroidery order is finished 

Embroidery order handling shops

Initials embroidery

Motif embroidery Signature embroidery