Thoughts with design-"Cat" series made by designers living with cats-

"Cat series" that expresses cat's free-boost movement, pose, character, etc. is released. I asked the designer with the idea that I put in the design.

 -The I wondered if I wanted to make a handker chief focused on a cat?

The first thing I thought that the cats thought that the head of the leading role was not so much. Some of me are living with the cat, and I wanted to design.

-What were the cats living together?

In the school days, a baby was born in a cat that a friend, was born, and at that time, I decided to live together with a fairly light feeling. For a while, I was a day when I was informed that my life lived with a cat was so hard (laughs). A cat is a natural demon, and if it is closed, it will come close and get close ....

But now I have such a character very friendly, and I have a feeling of good distance.

 Did you express what you want to learn and hate that you can understand only because you live together?

"Polka dot Cat" expressed by making cat-free movements into hand-drawn illustrations.

For example, I'm showing my stomach and I'm sleeping with confidence. Afterward, I can't get off with my climbs and I'm going to get rid of it. "I've seen such a picture once!" Cut the scene and drop it into your design.

Besides, we are engaged in English for four species that are engaged in the cats that felt "Umm, knowing," as a design accent. Introducing one of them "A Meow Massages the Heart." (Nya 's sounds will massage your mind). How many times have you been healed in that voice. I finished one piece with a mental figure of a cat and a dot that was randomly placed.

"Fashionable Cat" plus a red lip or a necklace with a cat's queen like temperament or a small demon image.Actually, there are only one cat wearing sunglasses. "I can live alone!" Expressed a non-group characteristic character. Actually, the story is in the background that is in love with that famous musician (laughs). Please look for only one cat.

-Please tell us about watercolor design with a sense of presence in contrast to the previous pop design.

Of the three designs, I think that one sheet will be a handker cheek that can be enjoyed and enjoyed, and I think it is cute if you draw a cat in watercolor. Let's draw by yourself!

Unlike "polka dot Cat", who drew a cat's movement, a cat focused on "pose" that a cat is like this. I'm aiming for a prey, I'm looking forward to it, I'm getting hungry and looking at my stomach. In order to refer to, I saw a lot of pictures and images of cats. Camera roll of mobile phone to notice only cats (laughs). Eventually, 18 kinds of cats came to appear.

Finally, please tell me the feelings common to the "Cat" series.

When I encounter a cat at the roadside, I feel good (Oh, cat!), But when I found this handkerchief, I made it as if I felt like that.

When I got a lot of my bag and my pocket, I'm glad if I use it, and I'm glad if I could feel and healed my heart.

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