CLASSICS means"exceptional, first-class, lofty, exemplary"in English, while Small Luxury means"secret luxury".

The original design of each season such as seasonal flowers bloom around.Good quality materials, beautiful design.Because it is a polite work, the handkerchiefs are exceptional even though they are small.
It is our hope that every day you will use it will be a secret luxury and a good day for you"first-class, model, careful consideration".3We have created a specialty store of high-design handkerchiefs that combines the best of both worlds.(Roppongi Store Good Design Award Communication Design Special Award03Year award)

By store“One for Only One” Complete with semi-order to shape your feelings.
Classic typeface, flower character, typography...Among the rare embroidery stock, you can choose the most suitable"only for you"typeface & design.


Carefully selected high quality materials


Hemp is growing scarce due to the decrease in production due to global warming.Among them, we have woven a yarn of the 150th count, which is respected as the most delicate and robust.In addition to the original sense of shari and excellent water absorption, expression and taste that become rich as you use it, there are features in beautiful luster and flexibility.

Sea Island cotton

The Caribbean Sea has an exquisite climate cycle with little temperature difference between day and night.The world's best cotton is grown in this blessed land.The name is"Kaito-umen" (sea island cotton).
Sea Island Cotton English name:Sea  island cotton(Sea Island cotton) is characterized by a long fiber length and supple texture of each one、Excellent in hygroscopicity and durability、It is said to be a”jewel of fiber".

Master Seed Cotton

The“master seed”of sea island cotton and pima cotton is bred on the fertile natural land that leads from New Mexico to Texas.Master seed cotton has a soft feel unique to ultra-long cotton (thin and long fiber) and a human-friendly hand-held feeling, and features a noble luster.

Hand-spun cotton of India

The threads with natural knots carefully twisted one by one by the hand of master craftsmen, when woven up, it becomes one piece that emits soft warmth and elegance including air.It is a masterpiece that has been handed down from the Maharaja era to the present day and continues to evolve further.

First-class craftsmanship

Shantou Embroidery

It is the highest art work of hand embroidery which is said to be“human cultural heritage”of the port town of Swatow in China.18Centuries A unique embroidery culture was born when the missionaries of Christ introduced European lace and embroidery techniques.

Vietnam Hand Embroidery

Vietnam was influenced by France, and hand embroidery has been done extensively since ancient times.The feature is the swelling of the sewing thread by hand.Because it is sewn one by one by hand, the expression of motifs such as flowers and animals changes slightly.It would not be an exaggeration to say that there are no 2 exactly the same thing.Such as stitching to enliven is a technique unique to hand embroidery.


An eternal motif that brings good luck, and an original design lace handkerchief using precious lace and tulle.The fabric inside and the lace are also carefully sewn, and the delicate work of Japan is a beautiful handkerchief.


Personal order to shine your individuality

You only have one piece in the world.1 piece with heart to your important person.

Personal Order System

The combination of embroidery threads with initials & messages, lucky motifs and rich colors is endless.We will make the only handkerchief in the world that makes use of your inspiration.

Initials & Messages

The library of Western typefaces unique to specialty stores has climbed to hundreds of types and is constantly updated.You can choose from a wide collection of elegant floral characters, stylish typefaces that smell intelligence.

Lucky Motif

We collected and reconstructed hundreds of amulet motifs that exist all over the world, and established 101 original design stocks.From familiar things such as ladybugs to little-known things, all of them will demonstrate“small things big cats”as mascots to empower their owners.

Personal Set-up

We also accept consultation of gifts such as events, parties, seasonal greetings.

in a variety of life scenes

Our knowledgeable and experienced store staff will assist you with personal orders tailored to various life scenes, including consultation of personal set-up.