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CLASSICS the Small Luxury

Classics the Small Luxury is a handkerchief specialty store established in 2003 by Blooming Nakanishi, which was founded in 1879, with the desire to offer the intimate luxury of handkerchiefs after many years of handkerchief making.

 A handkerchief is just a small piece of cloth. However, it is possible to put various feelings into it. The elaborate designs change with each season. High quality materials. Beautiful designs. From planning, design, production, embroidery, customer service, to packaging. Classics the Small Luxury was born with the hope of bringing "exceptional, secret luxury" to someone's daily life. We are a specialty handkerchief store. We send a lot of love in a single handkerchief to all over the world.

We are a specialty store that offers a wide range of handkerchiefs.One for Only One". We offer a full range of semi-customization services to give shape to your feelings.
Classical typefaces, floral characters, typography, etc... You can choose the most suitable typeface and design "only for you" from our rare embroidery stock.


Carefully selected quality materials

Hemp is becoming increasingly scarce due to the decrease in production caused by global warming. We have woven the most delicate and robust 150 count yarn, which is one of the rarest of all hemp yarns. The crispness and excellent water absorbency inherent to hemp, as well as the expression and flavor that become richer as the fabric is used more and more, are characterized by the beautiful luster and suppleness of the yarn.
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Sea Island Cotton
The Caribbean Sea has an exquisite climate cycle with little temperature difference between day and night. The best cotton in the world is grown in this blessed land.Each fiber is long and supple to the touch,It has excellent moisture absorption and durability,It is considered a "jewel of fibers" for its excellent moisture absorption and durability.
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Hemp used to be a familiar material in Japan.
It is adapted to a recycling-oriented society and has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Hemp grows very fast and does not require irrigation or pesticides, so it is expected to improve soil quality. We at Classics the Small Luxury are also paying attention to hemp as a third material to cotton and linen.
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First-class craftsmanship

Shantou Embroidery
Shantou embroidery is the highest art of hand embroidery, a "human cultural heritage" of the Chinese port city of Swatow. 18In the 18th century, Christian missionaries introduced European lace and embroidery techniques, giving birth to a unique embroidery culture.
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Vietnamese Hand Embroidery
Influenced by France, hand embroidery has long been popular in Vietnam. The characteristic feature of hand-embroidery is the puffiness of the stitched threads. Because each stitch is made by hand, the appearance of the motifs, such as flowers and animals, changes only slightly. It is no exaggeration to say that no two pieces are exactly alike. The raised stitches and other techniques are unique to hand embroidery.
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Lace handkerchiefs are originally designed with eternal motifs that bring good luck, precious lace and tulle. The inside fabric and the lace are carefully sewn to create a beautiful handkerchief with meticulous Japanese workmanship.
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Personalized Ordering to Let Your Individuality Shine Through
One-of-a-kind pieces that are unique to you in the world. A piece of your own design for your loved one.


Personalized Embroidery Order System
The combinations of initials, messages, lucky motifs, and embroidery threads in a wide variety of colors are endless. We will create a one-of-a-kind handkerchief based on your inspiration.
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Initials & Messages
We have a library of hundreds of European typefaces that are constantly being updated. You can choose from a wide range of typefaces, including floral typefaces with a hint of elegance and stylish typefaces with a whiff of intelligence.


Lucky motifs
We have collected and reconstructed hundreds of amulet motifs from around the world to create a stock of 101 original designs. From the familiar, such as ladybugs, to the less well-known, each will demonstrate the "great power of a small thing" as a mascot to empower its owner.


Personal Setup
We are happy to consult with you on personalized setups and personalized orders for events, parties, seasonal greetings, and various other life occasions.