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Article: THANKS MOM-Let's give a beautiful flower Handkerchief-

Thanks Mom -手元に咲く花を贈ろう-

THANKS MOM-Let's give a beautiful flower Handkerchief-

For moms who are always care about me.

For someone who is living far away from their mom and not able to meet her when they want.

Why don't you give a flower that blooms at hand with a feeling of gratitude of "Thank you" for once a year. We introduce Mother's Day gift on the theme of "Flower" that colors pumps and colorful.

A gift that enjoys the season with a delicate floral pattern

Botanical handkerchief
Botanical handkerchief

A handkerchief depicting a flower like a plants picture book. How about a gifts for flower Handkerchiefs of "Carnation" as known as official flower of Mother's day or beautifully blooming "Rose" ?

Tulip flower meaning is "caring"  

Various¥2,200(tax included)

Botanical Series Product Details from here>

2 Stuffed with exquisite color flowers that the colored thread weaves

 Color linen handkerchief which using a carefully dyed one by one hemp yarn.
Warp and weft has each different color and those woven into the chambray are features that are exquisite depth. In the lightness of linen, 2 of the color yarns woven is somewhere warm texture. If you use it for a long time, the color look rich, and it is also one of the thing that you can enjoy the change of aging.
Warp and weft are the same color Including monochrome, We have 24 variety of colors.

Linen handkerchief
Linen handkerchief

It will come in a special limited gift package that looks like a flower, until 9th May (Sun). It is a recommended gift to your mother who prefers a simple design.

Linen handkerchief

¥2,750(tax included)  

all24Color Product Details from here>

 ※ For limited gift packages, all handkerchief are eligible.

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Turn on a Handkerchief like a bouquet of gratitude


This is designed by Flower Art Unit Plantica. There is one big bouquet arranged with roses and gerberas . Also It is big enough to use as lap robe or neck scarf.
You can tell your mom how much you are gratitude to her as many as those flowers.

¥2,970(tax included)  

all5Color Product Details from here>




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