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Article: THANKS DAD- Father's day gift ideas

Thanks Dad -スタンダードな逸品を-

THANKS DAD- Father's day gift ideas

Father's Day is on Sunday June 20, 2021.

Are you looking for a great gift for your father? We would like to introduce you our simple and basic design handkerchiefs that your father will love for a long time.

ー Orthodox white linen handkerchief

A white handkerchief that is convenient to have in various scenes such as formal and business as a courtesy of a gentleman. The handkerchief of the new men's "white linen" is made by the thickness of the thread 3 variations are available. You can enjoy different touch and texture.

CLASSICS the Small Luxury use linen (flax) which texture is supple even in hemp. The more you go them through the water, the texture gets better, and it is familiar to the hands. And you can use it habitually for a long time.

How about giving a special piece of your father's initials embroidered casually on an orthodox pure white handkerchief?

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ー Refreshing handkerchief using delicate thin thread

Mr. Yoshida, who has been involved in the design of handkerchiefs for nearly 40 years, is involved in the design of the handkerchiefs Yoshida The "Series" 」  in the Hachinohe City area of Aomori Prefecture.

Because it is elegant and simple design in a refreshing color, how about as one of Dad's new classic handkerchief.

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A monotone design woven by yarn dyed

The Basic series handkerchiefs feature hound's tooth, plaid, and stripes, and a timeless design that is not influenced by the times.

The yarn of "American Sea Island cotton" is used. It has excellent strength, color and luster because of the length of each fiber is thin and long. The handkerchief is firm flesh, and supple texture.

”Gingham check " and "Block check" those two pattern changes the expression of the design depending on how you fold, you can enjoy the pattern depending on the mood of the day. The monotone design woven by yarn dyed is recommended for any occasion.

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ー To father who is wears a chic color suit

Pocket chief woven using silk thread at a tie factory in Japan. We've added 7 new patterns, including edgy geometry and authentic herringbone designs. How about to give your father a pocket chief to make his chest looks gorgeous in the accent of the usual coordinate?

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ー The father's day limited message card

At CLASSICS the Small Luxury, The Father's Day Limited Message Card with impressive icon of shining star is available until 20th June. How about telling your father "Thank you" along with the gift?


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