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Article: Bridal handkerchief - a special piece for your big day


Bridal handkerchief - a special piece for your big day

Classics the Small Luxury offers a wide range of handkerchiefs for the groom and bride, as well as welcome boards and thoughtful gifts for guests.

In this column, we feature bridal handkerchiefs for the couple about to get married.

We recommend lace and embroidered handkerchiefs for brides, woven handkerchiefs for grooms that stand out because of their simplicity, and our popular embroidery service as a special piece of jewelry.

Six recommended handkerchiefs for brides

We offer a wide selection of bridal handkerchiefs for brides. From those who choose a handkerchief based on the overall coordination of the bride's wedding dress, tiara, and veil, to those who choose a voluminous lace handkerchief that will make her hands look glamorous, we have a variety of handkerchiefs to choose from. Here are six types of handkerchiefs we recommend.

01Lace handkerchiefs Bird Lace

This lace handkerchief has a design of a "little bird," a symbol of happiness. The ivory color of the cotton fabric, which is inspired by the hemp called "Fluctuation," gives the handkerchief a gentle atmosphere. Since its release, this popular lace handkerchief has been chosen by many brides.

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02Click here for more details. Jewelry Lace

This jewelry lace handkerchief is understated and elegant. The teardrop-shaped lace, one of the typical shapes of jewelry, is designed to look as if it were overflowing with tears of joy.

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Luxurious and elegant lace adorns this small handkerchief. The voluminous lace creates a glamorous effect on the hand. The lace handkerchief with the brand name "CSL" is a special piece for us, the handkerchief concierge.

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04Click here for more details. Jewel Lace

Jewel lace is a lace made exclusively for handkerchiefs with a jewel motif and meticulous attention to detail. It is sewn with a special technique that makes seams inconspicuous. The white cotton warp and fine linen weft are used to give this handkerchief an appealing, moderately crisp feel.

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05Click here for more details. Angel Lace

This handkerchief is decorated with a motif of angels, a typical motif of blessings and love. The curved outline of the lace, known as scalloped lace, makes this handkerchief both delicate and luxurious.

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06A handkerchief with a delicate yet luxurious design. Celebratory cranes

Since ancient times, cranes have been said to symbolize longevity. The "Celebration Crane" handkerchief features two embroidered cranes. Each handkerchief is hand-embroidered stitch by stitch in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam with a rich history. This elegant and gorgeous handkerchief, which gives a sense of the creator's warmth, is a recommended piece for Japanese-style clothing.

This product is currently available at some of our stores.

-Recommended handkerchiefs for grooms 6Selection

For a simple handkerchief for a groom, how about choosing a handkerchief with a woven pattern and material? Even the same white handkerchief can be designed in a variety of patterns. We offer a wide variety of handkerchiefs, from those that can be used as a pocket chief to those that can be used for business occasions.


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02. gentle square

03. SIC Simple Series Type B (White)

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05. SIC Simple Series Type A

06. SIC Simple Series Type C

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-A special product that can make you and your partner's style come true.1a special piece that will make you and your partner

At Classics the Small Luxury, you can choose from more than 100 different embroidery designs, including initials and motifs, to create a special piece of jewelry.

For those who are usually a little shy about having matching items, why not take this opportunity to choose matching initials typeface and embroidery thread color?

01. initial embroidery

Initial embroidery is the most popular embroidery order for bridal handkerchiefs. Embroider in the "Something Blue" thread color for a special bridal handkerchief.


02. Date Embroidery

Congratulate the couple on their new beginning, such as the date of registry or the wedding date.


03.Motif Embroidery Double Ring

With embroidery of a "double ring" motif featuring a sparkling ring on the left hand.

We hope you will enjoy selecting handkerchiefs and embroidery designs as a special part of your wedding preparation. Please feel free to consult with our handkerchief concierge.

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