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Article: Comfortable summer-Linen and hemp handkerchiefs-

夏を快適に -リネンとヘンプのハンカチーフ-

Comfortable summer-Linen and hemp handkerchiefs-

Among the natural fibers, there is a feeling of cool, comfortable this summer with a linen handkerchief that is excellent in water absorption and quick drying. We will introduce"Linen"and"Hemp"handkerchiefs of CLASSICS the Small Luxury.


At CLASSICS The Small Luxury, we use linen (flax), which has a supple texture even among hemp. The raw material of linen, which is said to have no place to throw away, is a plant that blooms small blue flowers called flux. Its seeds become flaxseed oil, which is also used for food and cosmetics, and the stems become linen.

Linen with a unique luster and crisp texture has the property that strength increases when it gets wet with water.  Also hard to get damaged and durable even if it is washed is one of the charms. The linen handkerchief that is familiar to the hand as you pass through the water and can feel the flexibility with time is one piece that you can use habitually for a long time.

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Hemp has been popular in Japan since ancient times. It is a material so strong that it was used as a rope and a fish net, and it is used for Shimenawa in Shinto shrines even in modern times.

When you hear hemp, do you think it's hard and rough texture? At CLASSICS The Small Luxury, we use high quality Italian threads and weave them carefully and slowly at a skilled weaver in Bishu, Aichi Prefecture, to create a handkerchief that feels good to the touch.

Hemp, which grows very quickly, grows with a small amount of water, and requires little chemical fertilizer, is said to be a plant with a small risk of soil contamination, and is currently attracting worldwide attention as an eco-friendly material.

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