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Article: Enjoy deep autumn


Enjoy deep autumn

Why don't you feel the deep autumn season with a handkerchief?

There are various hobbies, such as taking care of the time of one person, such as reading and watching music, and enjoying sports with friends outside. There are many exhibitions and presentations at this time.The heat has been settled downCameIntroducing a handkerchief that is perfect for the current season.

Find a recommended piece for those who enjoy hobbies.

Autumn of music


A handkerchief drawn in the image of the orchestra stage.A variety of instruments, such as violin, flute, trumpet, and tomepani, are all together and performed, expressing the stage of an orchestra that can be said to be the ultimate art.

You can imagine how the tone of various instruments expressed in soft watercolor touch overlaps. It is a piece that can be enjoyed by those who play musical instruments and those who like music so that the circle of performance spreads.

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The piano is familiar to many people who have learned when they were littleIt is one of the instruments.A handkerchief that depicts a piano concert that is held under a gorgeous dome -shaped roof with a watercolor touch. Pink that suits an elegant atmosphereWhenElegant finished with gray combinations.

With the memories of the piano concert.

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To that person who likes wine

I got a relaxed time after a long time, so I got a special wine. A time to enjoy home time. We will prepare delicious snacks and treat them.

The bottle and glass are boldly placed in the center, and the two colors are clearly summarized. Three colors with fragrant red wine, fruity white wine, and refreshing rose. This is one piece you want to give to those who like wine with the charm of adults.

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Time to be absorbed in hobbies

Even in busy days, if you have a hobby that suits you, you may be able to spend a more fulfilling and private time.

1There are various ways of enjoying people immersing them, enjoying with friends, and enjoying various hobbies. I drew one scene of such a hobby on a white campus with a handkerchief.

Plus one messageof, It is possible to put it with embroidery.

For example, for those who like mountain climbingThe name of the mountain is in the record of the climb。 For those who like to run, we completed the racetimeof. If you are a hobby of golf, why not include a hole -in -one commemorative date?

* Continuing embroidery can be accepted at Roppongi Hills Main Store, Marunouchi, Ningyocho, and Fukuoka Ohori Park.

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