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Article: Flower garden Surrounded by flowers

Flower garden   お花に囲まれて

Flower garden Surrounded by flowers

The flowers in nature and in the flower stores make us feel the change of the seasons.

The various expressions of the four seasons are appealing and blend into our daily lives, adding color not only on special occasions such as anniversaries and celebrations, but also in our casual, everyday lives.

After the Bon Festival, the heat of summer has finally eased and the calm autumn has arrived.Here we introduce a variety of handkerchiefs, from chic colors to gorgeous designs, to add to your fall attire.

Flower Dress

This photogenic handkerchief depicts a woman wearing a dress of roses, gerberas, oriental lilies, and other flowers. When unfolded, the design offers a small surprise: it is actually a dress. The multi-colored scheme is also attractive, with two color schemes: a spectacular coloring and a chic impression. It is also perfect as a color accent for autumn outfits, when the colors become more subdued.

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Botanical Bouquet

Botanical Bouquet" catches the eye with its soft touch and gorgeous colors.

The center of the handkerchief is decorated with peonies, and various autumn and winter flowers such as cattleyas and daffodils are depicted in the bouquet. The glossy, not-too-sweet design is recommended for both Western and Japanese-style clothing. Feel the early autumn through the handkerchief.

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Colorful handkerchiefs

A handkerchief with a gorgeous floral motif is a must-have item. A single handkerchief is packed with femininity, elegance, and cuteness. There are many variations to choose from, so it is fun to select one with yourself or the recipient in mind.

The "plantica" handkerchiefs are large enough to be used in a variety of settings, and can be worn around the neck or on the lap. 5 colors are available, each with a different flower. You can use different colors depending on the season or outfit.

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This handkerchief features a floral motif of a beautifully silhouetted perfume bottle.The elegant depiction of bougainvillea and moonbeauty gives the impression that fragrance is wafting through the air. Just like a gift of fragrance, a handkerchief is also a gift of fragrance.A gorgeous piece depicting "LOVE" with various flowers.The word "LOVE" has various messages, including wishes for happiness not only for lovers, but also for family, friends, and pets. Why not use a handkerchief to express feelings that cannot be conveyed well in words? LOVE FLOWER

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Customize your favorite handkerchief freely! Recommended flower motif embroidery

Bodyguard embroidery of lovely flower motifs such as dandelions and roses. For a plain handkerchief, add an embroidered accent. Each embroidery has its own meaning and can be carried like a good luck charm. Handkerchiefs with embroidery that can be enjoyed in each season make great gifts.

In the online store, SIC color series and colored linen handkerchiefs can be embroidered with your favorite motifs.

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