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Article: Thoughts on design - The "Cat" series created by designers who live with cats

デザインに込めた想い ― 猫と暮らすデザイナーによって作られた「キャット」シリーズ ―

Thoughts on design - The "Cat" series created by designers who live with cats

The "Cat Series" was launched to express the free-spirited movements, poses, and personalities of cats through design. We asked the designers about their thoughts on the designs.

 -First of all, what made you decide to create a handkerchief focusing on cats?

The first reason was that there are not many handkerchiefs in which cats play the leading role. I also live with a cat, so I really wanted to design a handkerchief with a cat as the main character.

-What kind of encounter did you have with the cat you live with?

When I was a student, my friend's cat had a baby, and I decided to live with her quite lightly at the time. For a while, I was reminded of how difficult life with a cat can be (laughs). Cats are very innocent, they run away when you approach them, and they come close to you if you don't bother them....

But now I find their personalities very easy to get along with, and I enjoy the good distance between us.

 Did you try to express in your design the habits and quirks of cats that you can understand because you live with them?

For "Polka Dot Cat," I expressed the free-spirited movements of cats by hand-drawing illustrations.

For example, they are defenselessly showing their bellies or sleeping peacefully. Or, without thinking, they may climb up and then hang there, unable to get down. I've seen that look at least once before! We have taken scenes that make you think, "I have seen such a scene before!

In addition, we have also included four sayings about cats in English as accents to the design that you can relate to. A meow massages the heart. I can't tell you how many times I have been soothed by that very voice. The cat's own pace and the randomly placed dots create a piece with movement.

In "Fashionable Cat," the red lip and necklace add a sense of sass to the cat's queenly or devilish image.Actually, only one cat wears sunglasses. I can live on my own! I wanted to express his toughness and his character of not crowding around. In fact, there is a story behind the cat's admiration for a famous musician (laugh). Please look for the cat that is different from the others.

-Can you tell us about the watercolor design, which has a strong presence in contrast to the pop designs you have done so far?

Of the three designs, I decided to make one of them a handkerchief that can be spread out and enjoyed, and I thought it would be cute to draw a cat in watercolor. Since I went through the trouble, I figured I'd draw it myself!

Unlike "Polka Dot Cat," which depicted the cat's movements, I focused on the "pose" of cats dressed like this. They are itching to get at their prey, curling up, stretching out, or rolling over to show us their bellies. I looked at various cat photo albums and images for reference. When I realized that my cell phone's camera roll was full of cat pictures (laughs). In the end, there were 18 different cats.

Lastly, please tell us about your common passion for the "Cat" series.

When I meet a cat on the street, I feel happy. I made these handkerchiefs in the hope that when you find one, you will feel that way.

I would be very happy if you put it gently in your bag or pocket, and when you use it, you feel secretly uplifted or healed.

 Click here for details of the "Cat" series products.



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