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Article: At handwritten sign, my only handkerchief in the world.


At handwritten sign, my only handkerchief in the world.

Classics - The Small Luxury offers handkerchief embroidery services.

We will embroider your handkerchief in the position of your choice to create a special piece of handkerchief. We offer three main types of embroidery.

The first is "initial embroidery" in which you choose a letter of the alphabet.

The second is "motif embroidery," in which you can choose from amulets and bridal motifs from around the world.

The third is "signature embroidery," in which a handkerchief is embroidered with a handwritten signature or illustration.

Click here for more information about our various embroidery services.

In this column, Mr. Ueda, manager of the Fukuoka Ohori Koen store, introduces the charm of the most original signature embroidery and how to order.

-What do you think is the charm of signature embroidery? 

There are 33 initials and more than 100 types of motif embroidery (animals, constellations, etc.), and the combinations with handkerchiefs are unlimited. You can enjoy "choosing" the best one for your handkerchief.

 Signature embroidery, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy the process of "making.

We make an embroidery pattern with your signature or illustration and embroider it on your handkerchief.

 Whether it is your own original signature you thought of when you were a child, or a mark, or a name in familiar and beloved characters, there are many ways to think about it.

 -What kind of handkerchief did you choose for the embroidery this time?

For my first handkerchief, I chose a linen handkerchief because of its soft color. I want to enjoy the aging process of hemp, which becomes softer and softer the more you use it.

- How to order signature embroidery

Step1: Select the signature embroideryCreate your signature

On the special order sheet, write the signature or illustration to be embroidered.

Please use a black pen to write it so that it fits within the frame of 40 x 40 mm / 15 x 50 mm (any length and width).

If you are nervous at first and have trouble writing as you would like, you can fill out a white sheet of paper at home and bring it with you, so please do not hesitate to ask our staff for help.

Step 2: Fill in the blanks.Select thread color for embroidery

The handkerchief, the handwritten signature sheet, and the embroidery thread colors are laid out, and the thread colors and placement are selected.

The embroidery fee is ¥600 per piece. You may choose up to two thread colors.

We chose light brown to match the color of the handkerchief fabric. Matching the thread color with the color of the handkerchief, such as the color of the fabric and the edge of the handkerchief, makes the thread color blend better with the overall color of the handkerchief. The embroidery is positioned diagonally for a slightly casual look. One of the joys of ordering embroidery is that the finished image can be completely changed just by changing the thread color and embroidery position.

 -The process up to this point is the same as ordering at the completed at the end of the process. -The order process is completed at the end of the process.


We will make an embroidery pattern based on your signature, and the sample will be completed in about 2 weeks.

After checking the finished sample, the embroidery will be applied to the handkerchief.

The embroidery sample will be placed on a card and given to the customer. The embroidery samples are also kept at the store where the embroidery was created. Once an embroidery pattern is created, it can be embroidered in the store as many times as you like.

The color of the embroidery thread can be changed to match the color of the handkerchief.


-How do you feel when you actually hold the handkerchief in your hand?

The handkerchief with my signature embroidered on it is highly original, and I once again realized how special the signature embroidery is. I am looking forward to seeing which handkerchief I will put it in next.

-What kind of people do you serve who use signature embroidery?

 We have a wide range of customers. Children who can write their own names can leave their adorable letters on a handkerchief as a keepsake.

Some customers look forward to adding to their collection by embroidering a new handkerchief every year in the month of birth. In addition to signatures, we can also embroider family crests, original illustrations, and a variety of other original embroideries.

Why not create your own unique handkerchief in the world?

 Roppongi Hills Main Store

Nihonbashi Ningyocho

Fukuoka Ohori Park



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