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Article: Handkerchief specialty shop's Towel handkerchiefs


Handkerchief specialty shop's Towel handkerchiefs

CLASSICS the Small Luxury offers a variety of towel handkerchiefs. In this column, we would like to introduce everyone our 3 commitment "design", "material", and "craftsmanship" .

Variety of design

A simple design with plain color that can understand the good shiny and color well, and casually embroidered brand logo. A classic lace edging with an elegant appearance while being a towel handkerchief. We offer a wide range of products that can be used regardless of gender, such as stripes and geometric patterns, and boldly and uniquely designed with the brand's main motifs "Rose," "Angel, "and "heart."

Materials that are particular about natural fibers

CLASSICS the Small Luxury towel handkerchiefs are made from natural fibers, and are mainly made from sea island cotton and organic cotton.

Towel handkerchiefs are made from precious "sea island cotton" that cannot be mass-produced. They are cotton, but have a shiny and luxurious look, a moist feel, and outstanding water absorption.

Organic cotton, grown according to strict standards, is an environmentally friendly material that is characterized by natural softness and good touch.

Japan quality towel handkerchief

Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture is a world-renowned towel production area. The mellow water flowing from the Shikoku Mountains is the perfect place to expose the fabric, making all the towel handkerchiefs of CLASSICS the Small Luxury.

Dyeing, weaving, processing and sewing threads. it's simple to put it in words, but there are a lot of process. A craft that inherits advanced skills It is done with careful work by skilled craftsmen in the field one by one.

Depending on the design and specifications of the towel, the thickness of the yarn used and the twist method are changed, and the density and saturation are finely adjusted so that it becomes the desired color imagined for dyeing the yarn.

Depending on the type and weaving method of the loom, the density of the warp and weft yarns depends on how you want the design, texture, and feel.

CLASSICS the Small Luxury, the front is gauze and the back is pile fabric, and the material feeling that is thin and comfort to the hand, and the surface of the fabric is process "Shearing" cut, finished in a shiny texture like velvet. We offer a variety of textures.

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