Thoughts on design - The "Cat" series created by designers who live with cats

The Cat Series, which expresses the free-spirited movements, poses, and personalities of cats in its designs, is now on sale. We asked the designer about the thoughts behind the design.

-First of all, what made you decide to make a handkerchief focusing on cats?

The first reason was that I thought there weren't many handkerchiefs with cats as the main characters. I also wanted to design one because I live with a cat.

How did you meet the cat that you live with?

When I was a student, my friend's cat had a baby, and I decided to live with her quite lightly at the time. For a while, I was reminded of how difficult it was to live with a cat (laughs). (laughs) Cats are innocent people, they run away if you approach them, and they come close to you if you don't bother them...

But now, their personalities make them very easy to get along with, and I've been able to enjoy a good sense of distance from them.

I'm very happy with her. Did you use your designs to express the habits and quirks of cats that you've come to understand only through living with them?

For "Polka Dot Cat," I used hand-drawn illustrations to express the free-spirited movements of cats.

For example, they may be showing their bellies in a defenseless manner, or they may be sleeping peacefully. For example, they may be sleeping peacefully, or they may be climbing up and hanging down without a second thought. "I've seen them like that at least once! We cut out scenes that make you think, "I've seen that before!

In addition, we've also included four cat-related sayings in English to accentuate the design that will make you say, "I know, I know! One of them is "A meow massages the heart. (A meow massages the heart.) I can't tell you how many times I've been soothed by that very sound. The cat's self-paced figure and randomly placed dots create a piece with movement.

For "Fashionable Cat," I added a sense of calmness to the cat's queenly or devilish image with red lips and a necklace. Actually, there's one cat who wears sunglasses. "It's a cat that says, "I can survive on my own! I wanted to express her toughness and her non-crowded personality. In fact, there's a story behind him that he admires a famous musician (laughs). (laughs) Please try to find a cat that is different from the others.

-Please tell us about the watercolor designs, which have a strong presence in contrast to the pop designs you've used so far.

Out of the three designs, I decided to make a handkerchief that people could spread out and enjoy, and I thought it would be cute to draw a cat in watercolors. Since I was going out of my way, I thought I'd try drawing one myself!

Unlike "Polka Dot Cat," in which I drew the movements of a cat, I focused on the "pose," which is what cats are supposed to look like. They may be itching for prey, curled up, stretched out, or lying on their stomachs. I looked at a lot of cat photo albums and images for reference. Before I knew it, my cell phone's camera roll was full of cat pictures (laughs). In the end, 18 kinds of cats appeared.

-. Finally, please tell us about the thoughts that are common to the "Cat" series.

Whenever I see a cat on the street, I feel happy because it's a cat! When I see a cat on the street, I feel happy, and I made this handkerchief with the hope that it will make you feel that way when you find it.

I'd be very happy if you put it gently in your bag or pocket, and when you use it, it secretly lifts your spirits or heals you.

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