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Yoshishige Watanabe

Sale price¥3,300

Running, running, running through time.
Sometimes walking.
Sometimes resting.
Sometimes sing.

Kakete kakete, toki wo kakete.
Tokidoki alui te.
Tokidoki yasunde.
Tokidoki utatte.

Calendar designed as a handkerchief.
You can choose the year, month, and date, and embroider the motif. How about a special piece to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary?
We will embroider the year of your choice from January 5, 2024 (Friday).

Yoshishige Watanabe/Yoshie Watanabe
Art Director/Graphic Designer
Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1961. Graduated from Yamaguchi University.DRAFTand established KIGI with Ryosuke Uehara in 2012. In addition to graphic design, he is also a member of the "KIGI" team.D-BROSand the fashion brand "CACUMA" with Almost Day, and the product brand "D-BROS" with traditional craftsmen in Shiga Prefecture.KIKOFHe is also involved in product and fashion design, and launched the product brand "KIKOF" with traditional craftsmen in Shiga Prefecture. He runs a gallery and store "OUR FAVOURITE SHOP" in Shirokane, Tokyo. Tokyo ADC Grand Prix, TokyoADCMember Award, and the 19th Yusaku Kamekura Award,D&DGold Prize,NY ADCGold Award, NY ADC Gold Award, etc.

The year, month, and day can be embroidered with the respective numbers and motifs.
Year * Year * Month * Day * Month * Day of month * Year of year * Month * Day of month * Year of yearThe year of your choice will be embroidered from January 5, 2024 (Friday).
Embroidery position: above January
Thread color: Green (1061)
 Please be sure to enter the number of the year.
・・・Month "Ribbon motifs and lines
Embroidery position:In front of the letter of the month of your choice among the 12 months
Thread color: Ribbon:
Red (9022) Line under ribbon: Blue (1509)
Date of issueRibbon motif
Embroidery position: above the date of your choice from 1~31
Thread color: red (9022)

Embroidery: ¥880 for 3 embroideries (tax included)
*If you would like the year, month, or day, please write "Month→0 month" or "Day→0 day" in the remarks column in the cart.

45 x 45cm50% cotton Linen50%made in Japan

Yoshishige Watanabe
Yoshishige Watanabe Sale price¥3,300

Customer Reviews

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Happy Birthday

I purchased three of this time as a birthday gift for my precious friends and sisters.
When I imagined the smile when they expanded the gifts, I also smiled unexpectedly.

Perfect for a new departure!

Added anniversary and initials by embroidering soft and refreshing illustrations. I am very happy to be able to express my gratitude and the feelings of support in the future! I am very happy to be pleased to say that I want to make a frame on the spot. A nice gift was made.

The special feeling is good!

I think it will be a very nice gift because you can get embroidery on your birthday and anniversary date.

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