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KM Flower [Grow

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Grow Grow]
Theme"march and delight".(The theme "march and delight" (sparkling and floating light) represents the power of a little flower opening in the world of flowers, and is expressed in a glossy way as if a woman is performing magic. The striking red flower gradually opens and grows, creating a delicate and glamorous image.

Graphic Artist
Using plants and human energy as motifs, she develops from a single picture into product, video, and space design.
Along with his own creative activities, he has been involved in many collaborations with artists and companies in Japan and abroad,Adobe Systems Inc. In recent years, he has also been focusing on digital works, starting with his collaboration with Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc.
1st12Jury Recommended Work in the Art Division of the Japan Media Arts Festival.
Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Design.

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41 x 41cm100% cottonmade in Japan

KM Flower [Grow
KM Flower [Grow Sale price¥1,100 Regular price¥3,300

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Longing for a dignified female image ... I don't usually wear red, but if it's a handkerchief! I tried it. I'm glad to wrap it around my neck, wrap it around a bag, and get my friends praise.

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