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handkerchief ring

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Handkerchief.Like a mini scarfThis ring is used to put the end of a handkerchief through the end of a handkerchief to wrap it around the neck or wrap it around a bag. Since it does not tie, it is easy to wrap a small handkerchief and it looks beautiful when wrapped.
Handkerchiefs are made of cotton, linen, or cotton linen, which are easy to wash even if they get dirty, so you can enjoy wearing them stylishly around your neck in summer to keep sweat away, and in winter to keep warm.

The set comes in a square shape and a round shape. The colors on the back and front are different, so you can use them according to your preference.

Cautions for handling the handkerchief rings
Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, the fabric of the handkerchief may be damaged or frayed if the handkerchief is pulled strongly or forced in and out.
Please insert and remove the handkerchief as slowly as possible.

100% polyester%made in Japan

handkerchief ring
handkerchief ring Sale price¥660

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use

You can easily use your favorite handkerchief around your neck and pass it from the top of this ring. The usual outfit is gorgeous and gorgeous♩*゜ The colors are reversible and both sides are good. I don't know the durability, but I like it ^^


Purchase for ourselves and as gifts
The person who gave it was pleased
There is a good deal to choose 4 patterns in front and back

Light and fashionable.

Purchase for gifts and for yourself.
It's good to be reversible and enjoy the arrangement!

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