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SKU: 000802-0002-01-111-wine

Fan, men's (with cover) 111

Sale price¥3,080

re means "again" and edit means "to edit.
There are handkerchiefs with tiny scratches and stains on the fabric that sometimes occur during the manufacturing process. These handkerchiefs, which would have been discarded in the past, are breathed back into life and newly born as re-edit products.

The re:edit fans are made by checking each handkerchief individually and remaking the usable parts. Each one is one-of-a-kind due to the reclaimed parts. We hope you will find your favorite one.

*Patterns may differ slightly due to the specifications of the cut handkerchiefs.
The color of the cover cannot be selected.
*Initial embroidery is not available for this product.

Size: (open)H21 cm x W38 cm (closed)H21 cm x W2.5 cm
Quality: Fan surface: cotton (Japan) / fan bone (China)

We will send it in a transparent bag. Please note that the fan will be sent in a transparent bag.The fifth image is a picture.

Cautions for use
There is a possibility of color fading or color migration due to wetting or friction.
The product may be damaged if a strong load is placed on the bone.
Please be careful to avoid injury due to cracks or breakage of the product.
Store in a place away from high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.
Do not leave the fan spread out, as this may cause it to lose its shape or malfunction in opening and closing.

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