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SKU: 081252-5530-10

39 (Thank you)

Sale price¥2,750

A handkerchief expressing feelings of gratitude with the number "39" (Thank you).
The simple and beautiful white fabric woven with cotton threads in the warp and hemp threads in the weft is a pleasant material that combines the characteristics of familiar softness and crispness.
The numbers on the floral tulle lace are carefully printed by hand screen.
This piece is like a message card to convey your feelings of gratitude.

Letter: #9
Position: Lower right vertical
Thread Color: Orange

41 x 41cm50% cotton Linen50%made in Japan

39 (Thank you)
39 (Thank you) Sale price¥2,750

Customer Reviews

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I gave it to wipe my tears

I gave it to those who had forgotten my dog ​​in an accident.
Until now, the initials are C with the feeling of thank you.
It was March 9 that I became a star, so I gave a double thought.
Even if you make a lot of tears, thank you with this handkerchief and come back and come back.
I was very impressed.

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