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20th Anniversary Prolace A [Bridal Handkerchief].

Sale price¥4,400

To commemorate our 20th anniversary, we have prepared a special collaboration product with an artist with whom we have a connection.

Designed under the theme of "Bridal.
Pro Lace" combines the words "pro wrestling" and "lace." Lace is used as part of the wrestling mask, and the gap between the uniqueness of the bridal motif of a wrestling mask and the elegant lace makes this a unique piece. We have prepared two types of mask designs, so please bring them as a pair.
For those looking for a unique bridal handkerchief, we recommend this item.

*Please do not apply iron directly to the lace part.
Please note that the lace may melt depending on the temperature.

Typeface: #9

Position: Lower right vertical


Tomohiro Nakayama
Sun-Ad Inc.
Art Director/Graphic Designer
Born in Saga Prefecture. Graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design, Department of Graphic Design. Works mainly in graphic design, including flyers, logo design, and branding for exhibitions, stage performances, and events.

41 x 41cm100% cotton lace: Nylon 60% rayon 40%Made by Malaysia

20th Anniversary Prolace A [Bridal Handkerchief].
20th Anniversary Prolace A [Bridal Handkerchief]. Sale price¥4,400

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It is a wedding handkerchief, but I sent it as a new gate to celebrate my friend's retirement.

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