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20th Anniversary Mick Itaya DOVE/Twenty Rings

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To commemorate the 20th anniversary, we have prepared a special collaboration product with a related artist.

It is a motif of pigeons with wings and rings.
"20" is expressed by the number of fingers and the number of rings, and the motif of the ring is
It represents love, friendship, peace, fellowship, commemorative, memory, etc.

20 rings were embroidered on the handkerchief of the print.
The fabric is an original rose pattern jacquard weave.
It is a gorgeous finish suitable for the 20th anniversary.

* This item will be put in a dedicated gift box. (Last box image)

[MIC * ITAYA/Mick Itaya]
Visual artist
Graduated from Tama Art University. He expresses the world of natural myths with a flowing line and bright colors, has been active in various fields such as magazines, advertising, music, fashion, stage art, space design, and publishing. Gontiti's CD design, UNIQLO UNIQLO's founding logo mark, Tokyo Sky Tree "Solamachi" murals, objects, mirror works "Mirrors", and Japanese lighting equipment "Suzumo Roit" won the good design award. There are stories and designs of BEAMS brand "BEAMS LIGHTS WITH MIC * ITAYA". "Cassette magazine" published in the '80sTra"teeth,MOMAIt is permanently preserved at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

45 x 45cm100% cottonmade in Japan

Customer Reviews

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It's a nice handkerchief, it's like a painting.
It is wonderful to put it in the forehead and decorate it.


It's hard to hold a black handkerchief, but this handkerchief has a colorful and gorgeous design! I bought it unintentionally.

As a present

Various embroidery is very gorgeous on black.
It is also attractive that all the embroidery patterns are different

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