Gashouen -Bamboo

SKU: 081276-1025-05


A powerful design with a vertical pattern of red and gold expressed linearly with motifs of bamboo and bamboo grass. The fabric is made of Jacquard woven in a cloisonne pattern. Dyeing is carefully done by hand printing. The edge is carefully hand-sewn without using a sewing machine, one by one, and rolled up plumply and three-dimensionally.

Size: 45 cm x 45 cm, 100% cotton, made in Japan
Item Number: 081276-1025-05

Recommended initial embroidery
Character: №9
Position: Bottom right, vertical
Thread color: Wine
Price: ¥550

What is Gashouen?
Gashouen is an organization led by Takuji Ueda of the Kanze school of Noh. It is based in Shukugawa, Hyogo Prefecture, a place with beautiful scenery, and conducts a variety of activities to make Noh more accessible to people of all ages.
"The Noh plays are performed by about for about 650 years. "Noh is a performing art that has been around for about 650 years without ever stopping. In this collaboration, we would like people to know the charm of Noh, which has captured the hearts of people. We hope that many people will come into contact with Noh, which is a traditional Japanese culture" (Takuji Ueda).

45 cm 綿100% 日本製
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