Bridal rings, baby shoes, constellations and zodiac signs, lucky motifs, etc.In addition to initials embroidery, we also offer motif embroidery.
How about creating a more personal handkerchief in combination with initials embroidery?

- 1 / ¥660 ~ ¥770 (tax included)
- Days / about 1 week

Bodyguard Embroidery
- I always have a lucky motif next to me.

"Amulet"that keeps the owner away from bad luck and brings good luck.

the amulet motifs that exist all over the world、
bodyguard collection.
From the familiar to the unexpected、
All of them will "protect" the owner's body.

We offer bodyguard embroidery consisting of 8 categories such as"dove"and"clover", which are also said to be a symbol of peace,"star", which means guidance to hope, luck, safety, love, success, fortune, health, victory, and learning.

Why don't you put your handkerchief in your bag or pocket and carry it around instead of a talisman?

- 1 / ¥660 ~ ¥770 (tax included)
- Days / About 1 week ~ 10 days

ー Body guard embroidery list ー
good luck. safe. Love Success Money luck Health Victory Academics

When you choose bodyguard embroidery, we attach an original card.A special piece with high message quality is also recommended for gifts.

Order Procedure

Choosing a handkerchief

ー Choose a motif

刺繍 Select the embroidery position

完成 Completed 
※Finish days: About 1 week
(Please contact us at the store)


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