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About embroidery order

Classics - The Small Luxury offers handkerchief embroidery services. One customer at a time at the store,Our concierge, who knows handkerchiefs inside and out, will embroider a handkerchief on each customer's handkerchief.The concierge, who is well versed in handkerchiefs, will take orders according to the customer's requests.There are three main types of embroidery: initial embroidery, which allows you to choose a letter of the alphabet; motif embroidery, which allows you to choose from amulets and bridal motifs from around the world; and signature embroidery, in which a handkerchief is embroidered with a signature or illustration in the customer's own handwriting. The third is "signature embroidery," in which a signature or illustration is embroidered onto a handkerchief.The third is "signature embroidery," in which a handkerchief is embroidered with a signature or illustration in the customer's own handwriting.

How to order embroidery in-store 

Please select a handkerchief

Customers who have decided on a handkerchief will be guided to the order counter.

We have several types of handkerchiefs already embroidered. Please ask our staff if you would like to take the embroidered handkerchief home immediately after purchase.

Please select embroidery

Initials embroideryThere are a total of 33 types of initial embroidery. There are more than 100 types of initials.Motif embroideryand also look great when combined with

Embroidery details vary by store. For details, please contactEmbroidery Order Handling Storesfor details.

Please select thread color

You can choose your favorite embroidery thread color from 23 colors. You can change the impression of the handkerchief by combining the handkerchief, typeface, and thread color.

Motif embroiderythread color cannot be changed.

Please select the embroidery position

Embroidery can be placed anywhere on the handkerchief. You can put it in the corner or combine it with the illustration on the handkerchief. The charm of an embroidery order is that each handkerchief can have a different look even if they have the same design.

(5) Please wait until the handkerchief is finished.

Handkerchiefs at stores where same-day delivery is possible12For one handkerchief2It takes about one hour to finish the handkerchief.

The finishing time may vary depending on the store, order details, and traffic. For details, please contactStore Informationfor details.

⑥Finish and pick up 

You can pick up your finished handkerchief at the store or have it delivered. If you pick up your handkerchief at the store, you can check the finished product on the spot.Gift wrapping is available upon request, taking into consideration the design of the handkerchief and the placement of the embroidery,BoxThe handkerchief is packaged in the most beautiful way when you open the box. The handkerchief was ordered with care and attention. We hope you will enjoy the moment you open the lid.


Stores handling embroidery orders

 Initial Embroidery

Motif Embroidery

Signature Embroidery

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