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Article: Launch of the brand's first Welcome board


Launch of the brand's first Welcome board

The brand's first welcome board will be available for pre-sale in the online store from September 15 (Wed) and in stores from September 17 (Fri).

The soft and light texture of the handkerchief is embroidered with special embroidery to create a three-dimensional, warm welcome board. Two types of embroidery designs, "bouquet" and "cake," are available to celebrate the happy day with bold and gorgeous designs never seen before.

Two titles, "Welcome" and "Wedding".In addition, you can customize the design with your own names, date, thread color, and placement of the date to create a special piece that is brimming with originality.



14,300 yen (tax included) for each of the above items *Sold through the online store

The price of the handkerchief and embroidery will be ¥11,000 (tax included).
Please allow approximately 20 days for this product to be finished.

Column Welcome Board - A memorable piece of your happy day

Please click here for more information.



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