Welcome Board-A memorable one on a happy day

A"welcome board"that is displayed on the entrance and reception tables that guests visit at the wedding hall for the first time.It is also an item that expresses the feeling of welcome to an important guest.This time, we have released a special welcome board that can only be achieved because it is a handkerchief specialty store.

Handkerchiefs are not only essential items in everyday life, but also"gifts"that convey feelings to loved ones at times. They are also indispensable at weddings, such as wiping tears of emotion or holding a bouquet, and are also items that snuggle up on a special day.

■ Until you can make a welcome board full of commitment and feelings

IAt Classics the Small Luxury, in addition to bridal handkerchiefs, we have also made welcome boards that combine initials and more than 100 kinds of motif embroidery on handkerchiefs based on customer requests.

For example, two people who love wine made a combination of grape motifs and initials embroidery.

It is also true that there were many voices saying "I want to make a welcome board, but I wonder how to make it".

It is a bit difficult to make from scratch while thinking about various combinations on a pure white campus called a handkerchief.

Therefore, we focused on"gorgeous design"," fun to choose", and above all"that you can imagine the image of the finished product", and created the design of the brand's first welcome board. Why not decorate the welcome space gorgeously with a welcome board filled with commitment and feelings?

We have prepared 2 kinds of embroidery designs of bold and gorgeous"bouquet"and"cake"that have never been before, with the thought to bless a happy day.A three-dimensional and warm welcome board with special embroidery on the soft and light texture of the handkerchief.From 5 customizations, you can tailor a special piece full of originality.

■ 2 types of welcome boards that decorate the reception

We have prepared 2 kinds of simple"cake"in one color, with a soft atmosphere"bouquet"bundled with colorful flowers with ribbons, and a sparkle of fireworks as an accent.


As well as accessories and veils, a wedding bouquet that complements the bride.To pray for the happiness of the two of you, flowers with the language of good luck such as roses, gerbera, lily of the valley are arranged in a bouquet with colorful embroidery threads.Rose is love, lily of the valley is good luck, Gerbera has the flower language of hope, it is a bouquet packed with a lot of important words at the wedding.


In the rough hand-drawn style design, I have produced a unique impression in the cuteness.The image of a bird flying in the sky is an image of good luck on its wings, which means"the visit of good luck".

Various items listed above 14,300 yen (tax included) * Sold in the online shop

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As for the reception at the store, it becomes the handkerchief fee + embroidery fee ¥ 11,000 (tax included) to have you choose.
※ This product has you for about 20 days until the finish.

■ One welcome board from five customization to the world

1.Select the type of handkerchief
2.Select the main design"bouquet"or"cake"
3.Select the title "Welcome" or "Wedding" at the top
4.2 Specify the name and date of the person, and determine the position to put the embroidery
5.Select the title, name of 2 people, date, thread color of embroidery of the main design"cake" from more than 18 colors

※ The thread color and the title of the embroidery of the cake will be the same color.You can not choose the thread color of the embroidery of the bouquet.

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A special day"wedding"to spend with important people.We, the Handkerchief Concierge, want you to enjoy the day as well as the preparation period of the wedding while having various thoughts.As one of them, I would be happy if you can experience the welcome board at the store of Classics the Small Luxury by all means.

■ As an interior after the wedding ceremony together

The important memories of the day are a welcome board with a pluckle. How do you spend new times as an entrance or room interior?

■ Bridal handkerchief that fulfills the sideways

The welcome board is packed with important memories of the day.As the interior of the entrance and the room, how about ticking a new time and spending it together?

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