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Article: "Fudge" Vol. 207 Notice of Price Correction 2020.9.25

「FUDGE」 vol.207 掲載商品 価格訂正のお知らせ 2020.9.25

"Fudge" Vol. 207 Notice of Price Correction 2020.9.25

September 12 released"Fudge" Vol. 207 It is a product, Rouge Chief [hat] [Yodori Tree] price.

Significant) "Handkerchief each ¥ 1200"
Positive) "Handkerchief ¥ 2500"

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience.
I kindly thank you.

Fudge website is here>


アミュプラザ鹿児島店リニューアルオープンのお知らせ 2020.9.4

Amu Plaza Kagoshima Shop Renewal Open 2020.9.4

Today, Classix The Small Lagujuaria Mu Plaza Kagoshima shop has been renewed. In commemoration of the open, we will give you an Amu Plaza Kagoshima shop original handkerchief for customers who purc...

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秋の味覚を楽しむハンカチーフ 5柄が発売 2020.09.19

Handkerchief 5 patterns to enjoy autumn taste Launched 2020.09.19

Handkerchief and five patterns enjoyed the taste of autumn. Fruit, bread and chocolate, wine. Here is a foolish handkerchief where autumn taste is gathered like Malche. Fruit heart Handkerchief ...

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