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Article: Amu Plaza Kagoshima Shop Renewal Open 2020.9.4

アミュプラザ鹿児島店リニューアルオープンのお知らせ 2020.9.4

Amu Plaza Kagoshima Shop Renewal Open 2020.9.4

Today, Classix The Small Lagujuaria Mu Plaza Kagoshima shop has been renewed. In commemoration of the open, we will give you an Amu Plaza Kagoshima shop original handkerchief for customers who purchase products. A new shop is a chic and modern appearance based on black. Many new new Hanka ties in autumn are available. Please use this opportunity. All the staff will look forward to seeing you from your heart.

Amu Plaza Kagoshima Shop information is here>


SICカラーシリーズ108色が新発売 2020.8.31

SIC Color Series 108 new colors released 2020.8.31

A piece of "Sea Island Cotton," a product of the Caribbean climate. The Caribbean Sea, with its exquisite climate cycle and small temperature difference between day and night, is home to some of th...

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「FUDGE」 vol.207 掲載商品 価格訂正のお知らせ 2020.9.25

"Fudge" Vol. 207 Notice of Price Correction 2020.9.25

September 12 released"Fudge" Vol. 207 It is a product, Rouge Chief [hat] [Yodori Tree] price. Significant) "Handkerchief each ¥ 1200"Positive) "Handkerchief ¥ 2500" I deeply apologize for the incon...

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