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Article: What is Sea Island Cotton?

海島綿(Sea Island Cotton)とは

What is Sea Island Cotton?

What is "Kaijima Cotton (Sea Island Cotton from the West Square Islands)"?

Classics・ The Small LuxuryUmishima Cotton, which is used for handkerchiefs, is a super -long cotton growing in a limited area of ​​the West Indian Islands.

Ultra -long cotton is a very long fiber cotton as you read. While the normal cotton fiber length is 20 to 25 mm, the super -long cotton refers to a fiber length of 35mm or more. Among the ultra -long cotton, Umishima Cotton has the top -level fiber length.

If the length of the fiber is long, the number of twists is required to spin the thread, so you can make a soft and supple thread. In addition, since there are few joints, it becomes a strong thread.

The durability, water absorption, and moisture release of Kaishima cotton products, smooth touch and gloss are due to the characteristics of this fiber. In addition, sea island cotton has a lot of oil contained in the material itself, so even after repeated washing, it can maintain its texture.

As a favorite handkerchief, it has sufficient durability that can be used repeatedly, so you can use it for a long time.

 Rare of "Kaijima Cotton"

In the Caribbean area where sea island cotton is grown,

  • Annual average temperature 26-28 ° C
  • There is little temperature difference between day and night
  • Annual rainfall 1,100 mm to 1,200 mm
  • Meteorological conditions with over 3,000 hours of daily time over
  • LingeringMeteorological cycle with the germination and growing period of the tree and the dry season is the rainy season
  • In addition, alkaline soil with good drainage

There are a number of conditions for growing uniform and less noded excellent cotton.

Super -long cotton yield, which is generally said to be high -quality cotton, is about 1.7 % of all cotton, but sea island cotton is only 0.01 % of its overall cotton. In other words, there is only hundreds of thousands of cotton.

Due to the characteristics of this cotton that ripes from the bottom, it is said that even if agricultural innovation progresses in the future, the yield will not increase dramatically. It is a gift from God that grows only in the Caribbean area.

Umishima cotton sustainability

Sea Island Club Co., Ltd., which handles sea island cotton that we use for products, is an outsourcing farmer in consideration of the working environment of farmers who outsource the cultivation and environmental burden at the time of cultivation.ProducedI buy all sea island cotton.

At the time of spinning, we use only renewable energy, and make things that are not only cotton but also for thread making.

Even after the thread becomes a thread, Kaijima Cotton has a trademark as a material brand, and in principle, the product is tagged with trademarks, so the traceability is in place. It is a remarkable cotton material that can follow the production process, even in terms of quality. In addition, among the global inspection standards "Eco Tex Standard 100", which checks the presence of remaining harmful substances in the thread, we have acquired "Class1", which guarantees that infants can be used with confidence.

 The world's finest cotton that attracted the royal aristocrats

Kaijima cotton is also known as a material for the British royal family. Due to the great quality and rarity, Kaishima Cotton, which had been unprecedented by the UK for 200 years, was finally imported to Japan in Japan, with the fact that Queen Elizabeth came to Japan in 1975. It was recognized. Currently, it is spinning in Japan (Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture), and a handkerchief is also made using the thread.

In this way, sea island cotton has a variety of stories in addition to the characteristics of fibers, such as long history, rarity, and the sense of security that traceability has brought. I would be glad if you could use sea island cotton, which is the highest peak of cotton, with a daily handkerchief, to spend more and more casual days more rich, fun, and comfortable.

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