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Article: Race handkerchief


Race handkerchief

Race handkerchief

The race, which has been colored by people's lives for more than 500 years, the beginning of the race, the theory that the hole that was empty in the dress developed from the pattern made by the thread, is beautifully braided so that the edge of the cloth is not frayed. There are various theories such as the pattern.

In the past, it was very expensive and valuable. The craftsmen spent a huge amount of time in hand for the upper class people, but now they are mechanized so that they can be mass -produced, and everyone enjoys fashion and household goods. It is now incorporated.

There are many delicate and elegant handkerchiefs with various kinds of races in Classics the Small Luxury.
I will introduce it with the type of race.

Type of lace

The race has a machine race and a hand -knitting race.

Machine races are classified as embruidary, reversal racing, and russell racing races depending on the type of race machine.
I put it on the table.

Machine race

In the machine races, there are embrace laces, rivers, russell laces, and torsion laces, each of which is different from the type of machine.

What is Embroidery Race?

It is classified into three types: tulle lace, chemical lace, and cotton lace depending on the general term for lace made by embroidering the fabric with an embroidery lace machine.


Tulle race

Tulle is a race named in France, which produced tulle fabrics, and is embroidered on a tulle fabric (fabric with a net -shaped mesh). Depending on the complexity of the pattern and stitch, the delicate and beautiful lace is completed.

"White dress", a popular handkerchief in Classics the Small Luxury, has a tulle race as a dress and stops it with Vietnam's hand embroidery.

Chemical race

It is a race that is embroidered with an embroidery machine on an embroidery machine on the fabric that melts with water or hot water, and finally dissolves the dough to leave only the pattern of the thread embroidery. Design by connecting the thread so that it does not fall apart when the fabric is melted. A luxurious and luxurious race with a variety of expressions, such as a delicate race with a delicate race and a three -dimensional lace in thick threads. The feature is that the fabric part is gone, so a complicated shape can be made.

Classics the Small Luxury has a lot of chemical lace variations.

Among them, the popular "bird racing" was made by inspiration from an old race bought at an Italian antique shop.


In addition, connect with special craftsmen's technology so that the seam of the lace cannot be seen when attaching to the edge of the handkerchief.There is also a race handkerchif.


The "Angel Race" has a lot of angels in a thick chemical race.


Cotton lace

Open the cotton dough with a bowler with a cone (kiri) and embroider while hanging around the hole. It is called a bowler or eyelet lace.


Classics the Small Luxury has a cute three -dimensional three -dimensional effect on this borer hole to give a cute three -dimensional effect through a thin ribbon.

Reverb lace

A race made by a river race machine invented by John River in the UK in 1813. It is a race to make complicated patterns by twisting 10,000 to 20,000 thin threads.

Because we use a lot of thin threads, we need the hands of craftsmen who are slow and skilled.River lace, which creates delicate expressions with complex organizations, is the most expensive race in machine races. In the past, there were many Europeans and France, but they are rarely made, and in Japan, Sakae Race Co., Ltd. has cherished the machine from 150 years ago and boasts the world's top production. It is often used for wedding dresses and luxury lingerie, and pretty and beautiful races are always popular.

Classics the Small Luxury also has a handkerchief using reversal lace.The handkerchief fabric is made of cotton silk and is beautifully glossy and light material.

It is difficult to sew a river lace into this thin and delicate material with a sewing machine, and it is stopped with a needle hand in Vietnam.

Four reversal laces with a variety of reverse races are put on the scalap handkerchief and stopped by hand.

This is one piece made by hand with a gathering on the edge of a handkerchief sewn with a scalap with a gathering of about 10cm. A delicate, light, and a handkerchif with a sense of volume was completed.

Russell race

Although it is easy to make a mistake as a reverb race, it is a race made by the Russell lace machine (vertical edition), which was designed to be simply cheaper.Because it is made in large quantities at a fast speed, the price is cheap and is generally used in general, but it is completely different from the river race such as delicacy and feel.

Classics the small luxury is sometimes used for a part of the design.

Torsion lace

This is mechanized the bobbin lace that was popular among medieval European aristocrats.There are many coarse stitches woven with thick threads, and the lace width features a thin width up to about 20cm. In some cases, there is a luxurious race with a delicate stitch using a thin silk thread.

Classics the Small Luxury uses a torsion lace to use a natural, casual decoration, or draw a handle, and use a lace with a squid.

The expression of the handkerchief will also change depending on the type and usage of the race.

There are various scenes that are used casually, a little party, and the best wedding party here.

I want to have a nice race handkerchief.

With an elegant lace handkerchief that appears from the bag, you can wipe the tears of the impressive scene or laugh with your mouth ...

From casual everyday life to important milestone day, we will continue to make a racing handkerchief that colors various scenes with memories.

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