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Article: Two handkerchiefs are recommended.


Two handkerchiefs are recommended.

We are entering the rainy season. In hot and humid Japan, handkerchiefs are indispensable in our daily lives. Do you ever feel that one handkerchief is not enough to wipe sweat, wipe your hands, or wipe your surroundings after getting wet in the rain? If possible, it is better to have two handkerchiefs.

The second handkerchief should be a "third handkerchief.

Classics the Small Luxury has a series called "the third handkerchief.

The first one is called "Fuhaku (woven fabric) (*1) handkerchief" and the second is a "towel handkerchief," and the advantages of each are utilized.

*1: A general term for cloth and woven fabrics. Refers to relatively thin fabrics.

Towels are highly absorbent and easy to use. However, they inevitably give off a casual impression, and there is no denying that they disrupt the silhouette of your clothes when placed in your pocket.


A crisply ironed handkerchief is one of the most important things to have as part of one's appearance, but it needs to be ironed after washing.

The "Third Handkerchief" is woven like a handkerchief, thin, not bulky, and can be slipped into a pocket. Like towels, it does not require ironing and is easy to care for. It is also a reliable piece with high water absorbency.

We recommend that you bring this functional "third handkerchief" as a second handkerchief along with your handkerchief. A wide variety of weaves and color patterns are available.

Please take a look at the new feel and charm of these handkerchiefs.

Click here to see the list of "the third handkerchief" with a wide variety of variations.


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