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winter plum tree with reddish blossoms

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"Ume" is a symbol of vitality because it blooms as soon as the cold winter blooms as soon as possible.
The pattern, which has been drawn like a twisted plum petal, has been used and used for a long time in kimonos, family crests, and ukiyo -e.
It is an auspicious handkerchief in the "Phoenix" series.
Although it is a simple pattern, it is carefully finished with a three -dimensional effect, hand -printed, and hand -rolled of the phoenix jacquard fabric.
You can apply motif embroidery for a limited time!
Why don't you put the motif embroidery of "pepper" and "black cat" that means good luck and give a talisman handkerchief.

Character: №9
Location: Lower lower vertical
Thin: White

* This item is [Bodyguard embroidery target product]. (Limited time)
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Good luck
 safety love affair success Economic fortune health victory Learning

47 x 47cm100% cottonmade in Japan

winter plum tree with reddish blossoms
winter plum tree with reddish blossoms Sale price₱800.00

Customer Reviews

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I'm glad.

The feel when touched is gentle.

Twisted plum

I chose a refreshing green.
It was perfect for gifts for elderly people.

Very beautiful🌟

Rabbit, a daughter's zodiac in the twisted plum worthy of the crest🐇I had you embroider. I thought about the new start of next year ... but I am satisfied with it very cute. Present for loved ones🎁It was very popular, so I would like to change the version again.

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