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SIC 108 Colors Fruits

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A piece of "Sea Island cotton from the Caribbean climate".

The Caribbean Sea has an exquisite climate cycle with little temperature difference between day and night. The best cotton in the world is grown in this blessed land. Its name is "Sea Island cotton.
English name: "sea-island cotton:Sea island cotton(Sea island cotton (Sea Island cotton) is characterized by the length of each fiber and its suppleness to the skin. Sea island cotton is also called the "jewel of fibers" and is hand-picked. The fibers are carefully picked by hand to prevent damage. We use this seashore cotton and weave it into a special fabric for handkerchiefs.

Because we want many people to be able to use them, we have only a few color variations.108colors.
We set a theme for the meaning of the colors and9Theme12Total for each color108Colors.
The edges are carefully rolled up three-dimensionally by hand without using a sewing machine. Dyeing is done carefully by hand printing.

Sea-island cotton is grown by hand. We also carefully and gently make handkerchiefs in Japan by handwork as much as possible.

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This product is subject to bodyguard embroidery.
About bodyguard embroidery

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 Safety Love Success luck with money Health Victory study

45 x 45cm100% cottonmade in Japan

SIC 108 Colors Fruits
SIC 108 Colors Fruits Sale price₱800.00

Customer Reviews

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It was a beautiful color

I got the advice and chose the embroidery color, but I am satisfied with the elegant finish.

It has a gorgeous product and gorgeous

The contrast with the dark blue edge is wonderful and I really like it.

M embroidery

It was embroidery of ready -made products, but the design was beautiful and gorgeous.

Very satisfied

I was able to do a good shopping with a polite customer.

Beautiful color

All of this series is very beautiful, the size and the material are the best!

It is easy to use because it also enters the pocket☆

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