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For those who purchase multiple handkerchiefs
Please specify the wrapping combination in the remarks column.
Please note that we cannot wrap more than 4 handkerchiefs in a paper box.

The paulownia box can hold up to two handkerchiefs, and the envelope is for one handkerchief.

 For those who would like to order noshi
After selecting the type of noshi you wish to receive, please specify the following information in the remarks column at the bottom of the cart.
On the top of the envelope: ○○.
The bottom part of the notation: ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○○○
Wrapping method: internal or external noshi

package Sale price₱200.00

Customer Reviews

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For gifts

I was quite worried about whether to make the initial color that fits peaches white or beige, so I gave them a beige. I don't know how the initials were included because it was a gift, but it was good to have a present ^^
(When I looked at the Internet later, I thought that it would be easy to choose because the initials and embroidery colors were easy to attach to images.)

A handkerchief as a indication of the heart

I like the gloss of Kaijima cotton and I will give an initial in different colors to my important friends. I chose the color according to the image of each friend from the abundant variations. In the meantime, a happy and happy time. A cute package with a Christmas charm. I was very grateful. I am very satisfied with the thank you heart. thank you very much.

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