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Mick Itaya Cloud

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The brand name "CSL" and the words "CLASSICS THE SMALL LUXURY" are populated with angels that look like mokumo clouds. Our brand's thematic motifs of angels, roses, and hearts are graphically depicted. The bright colors and sparkling silver pigment are characteristic of this piece.The edges of the handkerchief are staggered, sewn thinly with a sewing machine.
Letter: No. 19
Position: Recommended (in the letter "Y" at the lower right)
Thread color: pink
Amount: ¥440

Visual Artist
Graduated from Tama Art University. He expresses the mythical world of nature with fluid lines and bright colors, and is active in various fields such as magazines, advertising, music, fashion, stage design, space design, product design, and publishing, and has held many solo exhibitions. His works include the story and design of the BEAMS LIGHTS with MIC*ITAYA brand for BEAMS. In the 80's, he designed and published the cassette magazine "TRAis,MOMAMuseum of Modern Art, New York.

41 x 41cm100% cottonmade in Japan

Mick Itaya Cloud
Mick Itaya Cloud Sale price₱1,000.00

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love at first sight

I love Mick Itaya's design! The color and the motif are cute and it is wonderful wherever you look. I'm enjoying where to show it by changing how to fold. The design is so well -balanced that it is difficult to put the initials, but I put it as part of the pattern. I want another one to decorate.

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