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Classics the Small Luxury conducts various activities through handkerchiefs.

■Collaboration with Industry and Academia

 Classics the Small Luxury is creating contents from various perspectives through industry-academia collaboration in order to introduce handkerchiefs to a wider audience. 108 colors are available in the "SIC Color" series of handkerchiefs, and special contents are currently being released.The contents are designed as cartoons based on non-verbal communication without words to convey to many people the idea that handkerchiefs can serve as a communication tool with unlimited possibilities.

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■Support for Artists' Activities

To date, we have collaborated with many artists in Japan and abroad to create handkerchiefs for the world. We seek to expand new charms and possibilities of handkerchiefs by infusing them with the power of design. In 2020, we established "CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award" in order to support artists' activities and to make design more intimate for people. We started accepting applications on Handkerchief Day, November 3 every year, and have held the award four times so far.

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Environmental Initiatives

We at Classics the Small Luxury are accelerating our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Selection of environmentally friendly materials

The basic fabric used to make our handkerchiefs is made from natural fibers that can be returned to nature.

We once again wondered what we could do to reduce the burden on the global environment, and focused on hemp, a material that has been used since ancient times in Japan. Hemp is a plant that requires little irrigation and uses little chemical fertilizer, thus posing less risk of soil contamination and less impact on the environment.

The material is characterized by its durability, high water absorbency, easy drying, and natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. We believe that hemp, with its environmentally friendly properties as a plant and its superior functionality, has the potential to become the new "standard material" for handkerchiefs in the future.

Handkerchiefs made of hemp


Doing what we can for the global environment even with handkerchiefs. We have begun to collect fiber waste from the handkerchief manufacturing process and handkerchiefs that are no longer useful at home and use them as recycled paper.

From the spring of 2023, we have changed our brand packaging, envelopes, and handbags to use recycled handkerchief paper.