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Washi 4-ply gauze handkerchief with lace

Sale price₱800.00

Four-ply gauze is woven using Japanese paper and cotton yarns.

Washi is made from Manila hemp, an ecological material that grows quickly, absorbs carbon dioxide, and does not emit toxic substances when the yarn is incinerated.

The characteristics of washi yarn are,
1. It is water absorbent.
2. Breathable and quick-drying.
3. It can also absorb oil and grease to control sebum on the skin.
4. It has antibacterial power to control bacteria and other fungi, and deodorizing power to prevent the smell of perspiration, and has a high lasting effect.
5. It is recommended for people with sensitive skin as it does not shed easily and is light on the skin.
6. Static electricity is not generated easily, so it is hard for dust to stick to the surface and can be kept clean.
7. High durability and resistance to fluffing.
8. Lightweight.
9. Environmentally friendly

Thicker than a handkerchief, thinner than a towel, and more functional.

Embroidery is not available for this product.
This product is smaller in size.

25 x 25cm55% cotton classification external fiber (Japanese paper) 45%made in Japan

Washi 4-ply gauze handkerchief with lace
Washi 4-ply gauze handkerchief with lace Sale price₱800.00

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The back is also cute

It was a crispy feeling, and I was wondering whether the color of the thread on the back was cute.
I'm looking forward to using it and the tension goes up.

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