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birthday dog

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"Happy birthday" "Thank you for your continued support" "Always together"

Let's celebrate with various thoughts, such as the anniversary of the family member and the day of birth.

It is a handkerchief that I would recommend not only for those who live with dogs, but also for those who like dogs and those who can not keep dogs.

In a room that is gorgeously decorated with mobile and balloons, it is an expressive drawing that the protagonists of various dog breeds are enjoying the day freely as parties specifications.

In addition to popular chihuahuas and toy poodles, the motif of eight types of dog breeds with different sizes and hair colors, such as Shiba Inu, Miniature Dachshund, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, Italian Gray Hound.

The overall tone was summarized, and the fabric was made of a lattice jacquard weave to give a sense of depth. The edge is carefully finished with a staggered and clean impression with a sewing machine.

41 x 41cm100% cottonmade in Japan

birthday dog
birthday dog Sale price₱800.00

Customer Reviews

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So cute

I purchased three for my friend's celebration as I could celebrate my birthday with the cute dogs.
After that, I purchased it to myself and liked it very much.


I bought it immediately because Golden Retriever was at home. The pattern that the dogs are having fun is very nice.

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