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Basic [Chidori] (Chidori)

Sale price₱1,000.00

Basic items such as staggered plaid, stripes, checks, etc.This series expresses basic patterns such as staggered plaid, stripes, and checks by weaving.The "American sea irons" have long, thin fibers with excellent strength and color.The yarn is made of "American sea-air cotton", which has excellent strength, color and luster with each fiber length being long and thin.It is characterized by a firm but supple texture. The edge of the handkerchief is hand rolledhand-wound handkerchief edge.

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<Initial Embroidery Recommendations
Letter: No. 9
Position: Lower right side
Thread color: black
Amount: ¥500

47 x 47cm100% cottonmade in Japan

Basic [Chidori] (Chidori)
Basic [Chidori] (Chidori) Sale price₱1,000.00

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Akira. Small.
Nice handkerchief

When I entered this handkerchief with a modern and chic design with a designed color embroidery, it was very shining. I also like the crisp design.

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